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We’ve had some impressive hail storms this year in Central Texas -- and the “fun” may not be over yet. While the Texas hail season traditionally extends from March through May, it can prove as unpredictable as other kinds of weather in the Lone Star State. (Just a couple of years ago, Houston saw one-inch hail in August!) Hail and other stormy weather can do serious damage to your facility, and therefore your IT system. So take the recent activity as your cue to protect your technology against the following threats:

Rapid technological advances have altered the landscape of business IT operations considerably in recent years. This is both good news and bad news for non-technical business owners who find themselves struggling to stay on top of all the latest developments, including the deluge of software updates, security updates, and other essentials. If you're one of those beleaguered decision makers, you may have heard of two outsourced solutions that can save you a lot of effort and confusion – software as a service (SaaS) and managed services. But if you're weighing one against the other for your organization, there are important differences between the two that you need to understand.


Keeping a close eye on your network and server equipment (and responding to all of the alerts, errors, bells, and whistles) can easily distract you from your other critical business management tasks.  A managed network provider can take that load off your task list. 

If your internet connection goes out, your cell phone wireless connection can come to your rescue. Almost all Smartphones have “Wi-Fi tethering” or hotspot access and it can be used to access internet from your laptop or tablet. The process is different for each platform.  The most common cell phone platforms are IOS, Android and Windows. This post helps you to understand the methods of setting up Wi-Fi tethering.

Almost all businesses have a website nowadays and find it is an important part of their branding and customer outreach strategy.  While the content, images, and layout of your website decides how the website is received, the speed and availability will decide the volume of traffic you get (and keep!). Your hosting provider, for the most part, controls the speed and availability of your website. This is the reason why you must choose a reliable web hosting service provider. 

Are you all using the same passwords for all your PCs? Do you use same password for all your accounts just because you don’t want to remember multiple passwords?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you may want to change your password strategy! If your password gets hacked for one account, hackersare now trying to access all your accounts using the same password.  This can leave your business and personal data at risk.  Password security is an important aspect of keeping your confidential data confidential. 


Choosing a strong password seems easy, but does take some perseverance. Employees may find it difficult to figure out a password they could use when they create a new account that is strong enough to avoid hacking and still easy enough to remember. It’s time to become a password guru! This blog will help you and your employees choose passwords that will help keep your confidential data safe.

  • There are some basic rules for creating appropriate passwords. Most websites will guide you about such rules. In simple terms, a strong password is a combination of upper and lower case letters along with numerical and special characters.During your HR on-boarding, make sure you brief your employees about password security and require strong passwords on the network and for business related websites.  Thankfully, many websites no longer allow you to create an account unless you have chosen a strong password.
  • When you are using numbers, do not use them in succession. ‘123’ or ‘12345’ is a very poor combination. Use numbers randomly. Also, do not use your home or office address; such passwords are very easy to crack.
  • Choose a password reminder tool. Many employees do not use complicated passwordsbecause they feel they can’t remember the password when needed. With the new crop of password tools available, the focus can be on creating strong passwords, not remembering them.  Tools such as LastPass are very helpful. Lastpass remembers all your passwords and also does security checks regularly to ensure that the websites that you are about to use are safe. If they are not, LastPass will warn you. It will also prompt you when it is recommended to change a particular password.  Brief your employees about such tools and ensure that they use them instead of trying to use sticky notes on their monitor to remember their passwords!
  • Change your password regularly, at least once in every two months. This will give an extra layer of security.
  • Do not let your employees use a universal password. Encourage them to use a different password for each account they operate.
  • Beware of “phishing” emails and websites.  Legitimate websites will never ask for your password via e-mail or phone.  If you get an email asking you to update your password, do not click the links in that message.  Instead, type the website into your browser and login from there.  Also, be sure to make sure that important sites such as email and online banking sites are using SSL and that the certifies are valid.  If you get an unexpected “certificate warning” message on one of the sites you frequent, close your browser and try again.  If you still get it, try from a different computer or call your IT team. 
  • Test your passwords before using them. Many online tools help you check the strength of your passwords; just be sure to obfuscate the real password by replacing a few characters!
  • Do not hesitate to choose a complex password. Almost all sites give you the option to reset the password via email or text if needed.  Resetting a password is easy, and is less work than trying to recover from a hacked account. As there were some tips provided by a seo company in phoenix 

We hope this blog encourages your employees to be more proactive in ensuring the security of your organization. For more such helpful details, read our other blogs or log on to www.gravityusa.com

2015 is here. We hope this year brings prosperity and success for your business. At the same time, we want to educate you about few IT mistakes that you must avoid this year

When Apple released the iPad, little did it know that this device would transform businesses dramatically in the same manner that it transformed personal entertainment? 

With technology playing a central role in almost every business, deciding to outsource such an important aspect can be a big challenge.

Whether you are a small business or a huge enterprise finding helpful information during needy hours can be a challenging task. 


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