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Business IT Services

Our business IT services include:

In-House IT Services

Our in-house IT services division specializes in helping the IT staff of small and medium sized companies serve their end-users.  We do this in a variety of ways, customized to the needs of the IT staff and company leadership.

Our in-house tech services include:
  • Internet shopping – If you have not shopped your Internet in a few years, we can often help you get better speeds and service for the same price points.  We also specialize in MPLS sales, so we can help you design and implement a solution with a provider that is right for you.
  • End-point maintenance and management - We provide, patching, maintenance, and monitoring of servers and workstations. We provide the tools for in-house IT to manage maintenance, and we also can manage the maintenance activities and let in-house staff focus on more pressing matters.  We can support your Phoenix staff and all remote branches via the Internet. 
  • Ticketing system and “help desk help” - Want to have a great ticketing system that you can use to assign some tickets to us?  We can do that.  We have a great internal system for your use that is linked to ours.  If you want us to take care of something, just assign the ticket to us with a few clicks.  Are you going to be out for a week?  We can monitor your tickets and help your end-users directly. 
  • Hardware, software and networking sales and support – Ready for better pricing and a higher level of service when purchasing hardware, software and networking products?  Let us be your one-stop-shop for IT purchases and work with someone who knows you and is invested in your success.

Server Solutions

Whether you need a small business server to share files and programs, a proxy server to control internet access or network-attached storage (NAS) server for file storage and access, we can help. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter solution. Get the server that is right for your business with a custom server solution from Gravity Systems Phoenix.

Get the ability for you and your employees to access shared files, QuickBooks and other industry specific programs. Access the server from within the workplace or remotely. You'll enjoy the capability to run everyday maintenance tasks automatically and easily, ensuring that your business stays up and running without sacrificing your day - or even a byte. 

Stay in the loop, even when you're away. Enjoy secure access to your address books, email, calendars, files, spreadsheets and programs any time. Connect from any computer in the office or work remotely on a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. 

Keep your team working together powerfully with such convenient features as built-in workflow functionality, version control and easy access for better teamwork and boosted productivity. 

Give your company the peace of mind with scheduled automated backups to prevent the loss of critical files and allow you to recover any deleted material resulting from a system outage or other threat.  

Run your network more efficiently with a server solution. Store and organize important passwords, provide different levels of access for employees and set up firewall preferences, anti-malware and virus protection. 

Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix for a free server consultation. 

IT Installation & Set-up

Setting up a complete IT system takes time and effort. In the business world, time is money. So save time, money and the headache and let Gravity Systems Phoenix handle your IT installation and set-up.

Office Set-up & Installation
Gravity Systems Phoenix can take you from empty facility to fully networked workplace without breaking a sweat. We’ll make sure everything from internet and local network servers to workstations and printers are all working together. 

Technology Upgrades
Whether you’re completely rebuilding your IT systems to catch up with the times or expanding it incrementally to meet your businesses’ growing needs, Gravity Systems can help the process run faster and smoother. We’ll offer advice on products and programs and suggest ways to help you streamline your system. 

IT Planning
Let Gravity Systems handle your company’s IT planning, development and implementation. We can help you determine how your multi-year plans for growth and expansion will influence your future needs for new technology systems. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with new technologies, budget for the next big purchase of hardware and software and coordinate your technology upgrades.  

Let the experts at Gravity Systems Phoenix help you with your IT installation and set up.

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