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    Technical Support Services

    A sudden glitch can stop your business in its tracks. Whether it’s the software, hardware or the network, you need to get your computer back up and running fast so you can get back to business.


    At Gravity Systems we’ve pretty much seen it all over the years.

    Because we’ve solved so many IT problems for our clients, it makes it easy for us to pinpoint the problem and repair or replace that weak link. Stop settling for temporary patches and rely on Gravity to give you real solutions.


    The best solution isn’t always the most expensive one, and the best value isn’t always the cheapest deal. From your computer networks to the next big purchase of hardware and software, Gravity Systems will help you plan for growth.

    Personalized Support

    At Gravity Systems we understand that a help menu or email portal is no substitute for real IT support. That’s why we offer phone support, remote troubleshooting and on-site visits. Whether you need us to step-by-step walk you through a problem over the phone, use our remote management system to troubleshoot an issue or make an office call to fix your computer, we’re here to help.


    If your various departments and employees need shared access to documents, you need a network that brings the entire company to their fingertips quickly and efficiently. But sloppy, improperly configured network creates headaches instead of harmony – and that’s when it’s time to apply the force of Gravity.


    Software upgrades and network support take time and effort, but without them your expensive software and network systems become bogged down, buggy and worthless. Our remote management system allows us to monitor your systems, so that we always know the instant a drive fails or a connection drops. We’ll contact you to set up a tech visit or fix the problem remotely. Our ongoing maintenance plans cover application support,

    Onsite Staffing

    If your company has arrived at the place where remote technical support isn’t enough, but a full-time IT staff member is too much, we’re here to help. Whether it’s 10 hours a week or a few hours a month, we can provide you with on-site help by the hour. We can even help your existing IT expert.

    Get back to your regular job. Contact the IT professionals at Gravity Systems to solve your computer problems for you! Not sure if we can help? Our initial consultation is free of charge to our Phoenix clients and comes with no obligation to buy.