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Cloud Services for Your Austin Business

Everyone talks about putting their businesses “on the cloud,” but what does that phrase actually include? Cloud computing means different things to different people, from collaborative online work environments and off-site data backup to working from home through remote access. Cloud services can encompass all of these things -- and here at Gravity Systems, we can put the power of the cloud to work for your business.

What kind of cloud suits your company’s needs? Gravity Systems can provide you with off-the-shelf solutions for cloud connectivity, or we can build a solution specifically for your industry or work environment, giving you a cloud system that runs off a dedicated LAN via on-site and/or off-site servers for efficient, secure access and operation. Speaking of security, we can help you configure your cloud system with varying levels of access permissions based on user necessity, employee status and level of clearance.

What can you put on the cloud? Just about anything. We have clients who run all of their software, from email and web functions to Microsoft Office, right off of the cloud. This is especially useful for employees who live in different parts of the country, work at multiple office sites, or travel constantly. Our cloud systems give you a kind of “pervasive desktop” in which the software basically assumes you’re all working in the same physical location. As more and more businesses move toward a more decentralized model, cloud systems will become increasingly commonplace -- but you can have yours today!

As helpful and flexible as cloud systems are, does it make sense for your business to set one up? Honestly, we can’t tell you that for sure until we understand your specific needs. Why not contact Gravity Systems and ask us all about our cloud system options? We can help you untether your IT!

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