MDR Implementation Services

MDR Implementation Services

If you’ve been working on solutions to beef up your organization’s cybersecurity arsenal, you have already discovered options such as EDR (endpoint detection and management). While EDR tools can prove highly useful for discovering and dealing with threats at the workstation or mobile device level, you can enjoy much more wide-ranging protection by implementing managed detection and response (MDR) service.


MDR solutions from third-party providers can protect, not just your endpoints, but your entire network. These services include not just initial setup and employment, but also ongoing maintenance and updates as needed. MDR makes great sense for IT departments that simply don’t have the personnel to watch over an in-house EDR setup properly without stretching themselves too thin.


Gravity Systems can help your company get onboard with the ideal MDR solution for its needs. We regularly work with the world’s top MDR providers by helping them implement their MDR solutions. If you need to get your MDR up and running, contact us today and let’s talk about how Gravity can make it happen.

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