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If you work with figures, codes, and calculations on a constant basis, the last thing you probably want or need in your life is more numbers to puzzle over. So when you start examining your business network’s Wi-Fi capabilities, you may find yourself scratching your head over designations such as Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi6, Wi-Fi6, and 802.11. What do these standards mean for your network’s speed and effectiveness? Let’s take a basic look at the world of Wi-Fi standards.

Spring isn’t quite in the air just yet, but the warm feelings generated by Valentine’s Day can’t be denied. While you’re planning whatever romantic gestures you want to extend to a special someone, you might want to think about lavishing a bit of love on that hard-working IT department of yours. When you fix or upgrade essential technology, you’re not just boosting efficiency and productivity; you’re also boosting your technicians’ morale by making life easier for them. Let’s look at a few examples of technological TLC you might want to provide this year.

You know the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? A similar rule applies to your organization’s workstation speed: Those computers will only go as fast as their most sluggish components will allow. Fortunately, you can get those workstations to work significantly faster by identifying and correcting the bottlenecks. Here are four smart strategies to consider, courtesy of your Austin business tech support experts at Gravity Systems.

Black Friday has arrived earlier than ever this year, with many major stores and other providers already offering steep discounts for shoppers who can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving. And you know what’s right around the corner, too: Cyber Monday, that heavenly shopping event for tech-savvy consumers and businesses alike. The big question is: Can your business handle the one-two punch of these two commercial bonanzas? Make sure you’ve covered the following bases.

Tablets have become some of the handiest and most popular business tools for workers on the go. But does that mean you should swap out your company’s fleet of laptops for them? Here at Gravity Systems, we would say no. Here’s why.

As Texas businesses start to reopen following the shutdowns enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these businesses seek to return to their previous norms as far as welcoming foot traffic, serving diners, and making in-person sales. But business owners shouldn’t dismiss what that shutdown period had to teach them about the pros and cons of their current IT setups -- especially since a second wave of infections (or some other similar crisis) might force a repeat of the situation. So our Austin IT support team asks: What have you learned about your IT system’s strengths and weaknesses?

It’s time to install another Windows 10 update -- or is it? Maybe you’ve heard that a new update has been rolled out, but you can’t seem to access it through Windows Update. Maybe you’ve heard some vaguely scary talk about the latest version already having known problems. How do you navigate the seemingly eternal confusion surrounding Windows 10 updates? With the aid of a little advice and guidance from your friends at Gravity Systems, of course.

When you look at your office, warehouse, or other work facility, you probably see a mix of older and newer hardware. Shiny, state-of-the-art laptops may sit next to trusty old workstations or servers that just keep on going, year after year. But before you can make any long-term IT budget plans, you have to have some notion of how long you can expect your various devices to last. Let’s take a look at this question and how it might be affect your future hardware purchases.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected some businesses more than others. Essential businesses (including our Austin IT business support company) have remained open, while many non-essential businesses are starting to reopen in accordance with state and city policies. If you’ve been running at least some of your business operations through virtual conferences and work-from-home arrangements, you might be getting ready to welcome at least of your employees back to the office. Even so, here are some solid reasons to keep those virtual work technologies firmly in place.

Have you hesitated to engage the outsourced IT help you clearly need? Before you outsource your technology support to an Austin IT managed services provider, you need to know that you’ve selected the right provider for your particular goals, concerns, and expectations. Here are some considerations to help you narrow down your choice, courtesy of your friends at Gravity Systems.

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