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Phoenix Cloud Services

Cloud Services for Your Phoenix Business

Just as the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes, today’s Phoenix business are rising to the clouds -- in the form of cloud computing. But what do we mean when we use that term? Actually, cloud computing can refer to a lot of things, from web-based email and other applications to full-scale virtual project environments and trouble-free telecommuting. And your friends at Gravity Systems can help your business enjoy these futuristic conveniences right now, thanks to our cloud services.

“Different strokes for different folks” applies to cloud computing as well, and our Gravity Systems experts can help you decide what sort of cloud solution makes the most sense for optimizing your company’s productivity. Your business might do just fine with one of the “off-the-shelf” cloud solutions we sell, or you might be better off with a customized solution designed to address your industry-specific needs. We can configure your system to include off-site servers, on-site servers or a combination of both, running over a dedicated LAN protected by cutting-edge security options. We can even set the system up with different access permissions according to each user’s “need to know” and security clearance.

You'll find that the cloud is an amazingly efficient place to put -- well, just about everything that makes your business go, from email functionality to such frequently-used software programs as Microsoft Office. These applications work with equal ease wherever you may be working from -- a home office, a hotel room, or right there in the facility. The cloud presents you with a “pervasive desktop” that acts as virtual window into your company’s data and software, making it a perfect solution for teams that must work together from multiples sites. The future of business computing has arrived, and it's yours for the asking!

But the question remains: do you really want or need cloud computing at this stage in your business’s lifespan? Maybe; maybe not. We recommend that you contact Gravity Systems today so we can tell you more about this sophisticated technology and help you make the smartest choice possible. 

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