Post-Hack Remediation Services

Post-Hack Remediation Services

No matter how much time and effort your IT department invests in your in-house data security, hacks and and do happen. Phishing attempts, Trojans, ransomware, and other kinds of hacks seem to grow more sophisticated and widespread every year, with hundreds of thousands of new malware samples produced on a daily basis. If your organization gets hacked, you may struggle to put your disaster recovery plan into place and get things back to normal – and every extra hour that remediation takes represents that much more lost productivity for your team.


Just as you’d call a traditional disaster remediation firm to clean up a facility wrecked by fire or flooding, you can depend on Gravity Systems to ocean up your IT system following a destructive cyberattack. Our experienced technicians can seek out, find, and remove dangerous files and database alterations left behind by the hackers. We can also eliminate any back doors associated with the hack (new user accounts, access shells, cookies etc.), preventing the hackers from returning via those routes and doing more damage. Lascontt but certainly not least, we can restore missing, corrupted, or ransom-locked data using your most recent backups.


If you could use some skilled extra hands to get your business up and running again after a hack attack, contact us today to schedule post-hack remediation services.

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