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In your business’s everyday work, you may need instant access to many critical files and folders – which means, of course, that you need to update that data frequently, back it up regularly, and keep it ready for action. But what about all those important files that you just don’t need very often? These files belong in your digital archives. What, you don’t have an archival storage system in place? Then let’s look at some common options.

What summer plans have you and your employees made? If you’re looking forward to some rest and relaxation, make sure your IT system’s vulnerabilities don’t disrupt those dreams and turn your idyllic summer vacation into a stressful nightmare season. Take a look at some lurking dangers that you want to protect your business against this summer.

Many business owners assume that their technological needs require hands-on, in-person care. While some jobs might indeed require such attention, many others can be handled even more efficiently through online managed IT services. Let’s look at three areas in which managed services make sense for your organization.

The term “zero-day” sounds ominous even if you don’t know what it means – and if you do know what it means, it should give you that much more of a chill. Zero-day exploits and attacks can affect practically any workplace or industry by hacking into the computer network and wreaking havoc on their hardware, software, data, and everyday processes. Our Austin business tech support team at Gravity Systems wants you to understand some key points about zero-day exploits, from the forms they can take to how you can protect your organization against them.

Do you lose sleep at night over the many security vulnerabilities that might or might not be placing your company at risk? If so, you could probably benefit from vulnerability assessment and remediation. Let’s look at what’s involved in assessing and correcting cybersecurity weaknesses.

If you’ve ever forgotten to backup a critical file only to regret it later, you know just how important data backup is for any organization. A ransomware attack, hard drive failure, natural disaster, or accidental deletion can deprive you of critical information, potentially hobbling your business and exposing you to legal liability over breached or missing data. So here are some smart data backup scheduling tips and strategies for SMBs, courtesy of your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

April in Austin usually means storms. The winds of March give way to rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. At the same time, seasonal changes can bring disruptions to various aspects of your IT system performance. Don’t wait for a power spike or connectivity failure to bring your network (and by extension, your whole business) to a grinding halt. Take the following preemptive measures to help ensure optimal productivity.

“We’re out of chips” may not sound any big alarm bells when you’re planning your grocery list, but it presents some major hurdles when those chips are microchips and your shopping list includes new electronics. Unfortunately, everybody is out of chips at the moment, more or less. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with other reversals, has made computer chips extremely hard to come by – and that’s bad news for electronic equipment production all over the world, including the U.S.

A new year offers hope for increased business productivity, profits, and efficiency – but 2022 also ushers in a fresh wave of IT security issues for business owners and technology directors. Here at Gravity Systems, our Austin IT business support experts want to get the word out about some of these potential problems while you still have time to tackle them head-on. Watch out for the following trends.

Modern IT business support techniques have made many old-fashioned “house calls” obsolete. It’s great to know that you can simply contact your Austin tech support professionals at Gravity Systems to diagnose a software issue or troubleshoot connectivity problems over the Web, via our remote servers -- no matter where you maintain your main office or branch offices.