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Gravity Mail Advanced

Get instant updates on the road! Share email & calendars across multiple platforms, operating systems and devices. GravityMail Advanced syncs your files, emails, backups, anti-malware and provides easy archiving.

Keep your world in synch with GravityMail Advanced. Synchronize emails and calendar tasks with ease across different programs, platforms and devices. Fast, reliable and secure, GravityMail Advanced offers you unprecedented flexibility and control in sharing and distributing the latest events, emails and other critical information with your employees.

Incredible Compatibility
Effortlessly communicate between Entourage, Outlook and iCal. Our hosted solution works with a wide range of network protocols, which will allow you to share email and calendar data across Windows, Mac or Linux computers with ease. It’s also compatible with smartphones. Push calendar events and emails to Blackberries, iPhones, Androids or other popular smartphones with our wireless mobile sync. 

The Secure Solution
Trust GravityMail Advanced to keep your emails secure. Our sophisticated firewalls, anti-spam and anti-malware will protect your data against the undesirable bits and bytes. Our fully automated backup and email archive system will protect you against data loss.

For the most advanced email solutions contact the experts at Gravity Systems Phoenix.

Gravity Mail Basic

Look like the professional you are with a custom email address from GravityOffice. We’ll set up a hosted solution with your company’s actual name, not Gmail, Yahoo or other “big box” provider.

No matter how much experience, expertise and legitimacy your business has, an email address that ends in “” or “” will make you look less significant.  Use your company’s name to create custom email addresses for you and your employees and give your emails the professional the look they deserve.

POP Email Accounts and More
GravityMail runs on our own secure, super-reliable servers, which means you’ll have an email system that you can depend on and your sensitive business data is safe from hackers.  We’ll set your company up with a POP (Post Office Protocol) account, featuring your custom domain name.  In addition to custom email addresses, you’ll get top-class tech support and troubleshooting from the Gravity Systems Phoenix team.  

Upgrade at Any Time
Don’t worry about long-term contracts, get the email service you need for an affordable monthly fee with GravityMail. Upgrade at anytime to go beyond the basics with GravityMail Advanced. Get advanced email, calendar and data synching to and from any Internet-equipped computer or mobile device.  

Contact us and start sending the right message to your clients and vendors with emails from GravityMail.



Gravity Work

Collaborate in a virtual environment without the added expense of a server. GravityWork is a cloud-based project space that enables your employees to share data, modify work in progress and interact via notes and comments.

GravityWork hosts a cloud based project space so your business can work efficiently as a team, even when they aren’t in the same place. This comprehensive web-based workspace allows project team members to work together via the internet, creating a cloud “think tank” the whole team can use to collaborate on challenges and projects with deadlines. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a local server solution. We drive the whole system from our GravityWork server for an affordable monthly fee. 

Better Collaboration
Collaboration. Innovation. GravityWork provides a homepage-like shared workspace where employees can upload, download or modify files throughout the course of a project. Find how easy it is to share even the largest documents, images, files, spreadsheets and more without spending hours uploading and downloading. Your team members can rewrite documents, leave comments or questions and interact via email or GravityWork real time messaging. GravityWork is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers. If you have internet access, you’re ready to collaborate and innovate!  

Better Management
Managers love GravityWork. Use it’s many helpful tools to make you and those around you much more productive. You can assign different permission levels to different team members and view all the latest messages and notes as streaming news feed.  Track your employee’s progress with the aid of work history news feed. Track the project's progress with the aid of time-stamped work history data. Rest assured, GravityWork’s system is automatically backed up at each stage of project development. 

Don’t spend company funds on a local project management server; let GravityWork do the work for you! Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix today to get started.

Gravity Phone

Turn a dedicated internet line into a comprehensive and easy-to-use phone system with GravityPhone, our hosted phone routing and administrative service. Gravity Systems Phoenix will give you a complete phone system with customizable voice menus and announcements. Access your systems from anywhere via computer.

Advanced Phone Routing and Administration
When you call a local business, you expect to get your local business on the phone. GravityPhone’s web-based service offers more features than your traditional phone setup. You’ll love how simple it is to create voice menus that guide your callers to their destination, without sounding like an answering service. You can even use specific routing for holiday and after-hours calls, along with pushing your voicemails to your email box. Pretty cool, we know. Get all the bells and whistles for your business phone from any web-enabled computer with GravityPhone.  

Simple Installation and Configuration
Forget old-fashioned landlines, bulky hardware and line outages. GravityPhone runs your whole system over the internet. Waiting for tech personnel to show up at your office every time something goes wrong or when you need an extension is annoying. GravityPhone automatically configures each new phone you plug in as an extension to the system. If you move to a new location, we can simply just relocate the internet connection.  

Give your business the affordable, high tech phone routing system it really deserves. Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix about making GravityPhone your virtual switchboard operator! 

Gravity Apps

Save money by using our Gravity Systems Phoenix server to give your employees access to your proprietary or industry-specific software program. Our servers will keep the program up and running day and night, accessible over the web to your employees whether they’re in the office, on the manufacturing or retail floor or in the field with laptops. There’s an App for that!

GravityApps has a better solution to a costly server set up. If your business relies on a specific type of industry-standard software, Gravity Systems Phoenix has an App solution for you.

The Hosted Server for Special Applications
Say “so long” to the days of hardwired server setups. GravityApps hosts your own application on our Gravity Systems Phoenix server, distributing it to your employees over the internet. Any of your employees with internet access can work with an application over the web, whether they are at work or on a remote job site. The cloud-based nature of GravityApp even allows you to operate a Windows-only application on a Mac or vice versa.  

Consistent Access and Performance
You’re getting more than just a hosted service; you’re getting the whole kit-n-caboodle. We’re a world class IT service company that will provide your company with expertise, performance and the best service and support. We’ll help you configure and host your App using fast processing and connectivity, giving you 24-hour, hassle-free access to your software.  

Ready to share your program with your entire workforce? We have an App for that! Ask Gravity Systems for more details. 

Gravity Quickbooks

Make QuickBooks freely available to multiple users inside or outside the workplace with GravityQuickBooks. This affordable hosted solution lets multiple users access QuickBooks at the same time with none of the limitations of QuickBooks Online. 

Would you like to be able to connect to your QuickBooks from any location? GravityQuickBooks is the most efficient way to connect your employees to your company’s QuickBooks data. We offer cloud hosting, making it easy for authorized users to access QuickBooks from virtually anywhere!

QuickBooks Anytime, Anywhere
Looking for easy QuickBooks access? Gravity Systems Phoenix has a server and redundant internet connection that makes your QuickBooks data available 24 hours a day without fail.  Several employees can use the program at once without experiencing glitches. Access it through your desktop or laptop. Get GravityQuickBooks for an affordable monthly payment that gives you total control over how long you wish to continue the service.  

All the Features You (or Your Accountants) Need
Your accountant can’t be with you all day, every day. Could QuickBooks accounting online be your solution to your and your accountant’s distance issue? With GravityQuickBooks, you don’t have to settle for your once-a-week appointment. We host a full-scale online QuickBooks.  

Discover for yourself how the convenience of multi-platform access to a hosted, full-featured QuickBooks service can boost your business's efficiency. Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix to book GravityQuickBooks today!

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