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Have you noticed that the more heavily people rely on technology, the more they tend to gripe about said technology? Perhaps you’ve even done your own share of griping, especially as ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Internet connectivity has grown more critical than ever. A few years ago, for instance, you might have made relatively little use of videoconferencing programs, whereas today a stuttering Zoom connection can sabotage a critical meeting. Like it or not, you can no longer get by with so-so speeds. You need better solutions for both your wired and wireless connectivity – and your answer may lie in a combination of Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi6.

You may already know what a data breach can do to a business, from productivity and compliance problems to destruction of precious data that forces companies to go out of business. But these concerns take on a whole new vividness when they have dollar figures attached to them. Let’s take a look at just how much these data breaches are costing businesses, where the biggest problems lie, and why some businesses are coping better than others.

No doubt about it: Things are tough all over. As inflation takes its toll on consumers and businesses alike, belt-tightening has become the order of the day. But if you’re thinking about sitting tight and waiting for the economic storm to blow over before replacing or upgrading your IT system hardware, you might want to think twice. 2022 might turn out to be the smartest year to make those investments despite everything.

If you look around your business facility and see more empty desks than you used to, you may be looking at the future of U.S. business operations – and not necessarily because of the economic squeeze. The shift toward remote and hybrid work environments i

nitially forced by the COVID-19 pandemic has remained intact. Just 11 percent of all businesses currently use all their available office space, and nearly half of them use less than half of their facilities’ available square footage.

Today’s business world runs on the Internet, for better and for worse. If your facility suffers from sluggish Internet speeds, you simply can’t send and receive data quickly enough to manage your daily workload efficiently. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for optimizing your Internet speeds.

What does the phrase “back to school” mean to you? For many people, it means a mad dash to prepare their kids for another year of K-12 to secondary school. For others, it means settling into a dorm and signing up for college classes. But maybe your company’s employees could use some brush-up education as well, especially as IT new security pitfalls seem to pop up every day. Let’s take a look at some key considerations in getting your workforce up to speed on this critical subject.

Are you taking your office hardware on the road? Perhaps you’ve decided to relocate your business to another commercial space, or perhaps you need to move some of your electronic equipment to a new branch office.

This kind of transition might appear straightforward enough – but straightforward doesn’t mean trouble free, as you might discover to your frustration when that equipment emerges at the other end of the move in an unusable state.

Here are some tips for moving your IT computers, servers, peripherals, and network gear safely and effectively, courtesy of your Austin busupport team at Gravity Systems.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help protect data privacy during online transactions, but it’s not a magic wand. Whether you go with one of the many popular VPN service providers or have a VPN built specifically for your organization, you need to understand both the capabilities and the limitations of VPN technology – especially where your data security is concerned. Let’s examine what VPNs can and can’t do for you.

We’ve already endured a brutal summer here in Texas –  and if history tells us anything, the heat will only get worse (if that’s even possible). As you keep replacing the water cooler in your building and cranking up the air conditioning, consider that extreme temperatures can cause more than discomfort for your employees; they can also damage your IT hardware. Here are some timely tips to help your computer gear beat the summertime heat, courtesy of your Austin business technical support experts at Gravity Systems.

In your business’s everyday work, you may need instant access to many critical files and folders – which means, of course, that you need to update that data frequently, back it up regularly, and keep it ready for action. But what about all those important files that you just don’t need very often? These files belong in your digital archives. What, you don’t have an archival storage system in place? Then let’s look at some common options.