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Do you lose sleep at night over the many security vulnerabilities that might or might not be placing your company at risk? If so, you could probably benefit from vulnerability assessment and remediation. Let’s look at what’s involved in assessing and correcting cybersecurity weaknesses.

If you’ve ever forgotten to backup a critical file only to regret it later, you know just how important data backup is for any organization. A ransomware attack, hard drive failure, natural disaster, or accidental deletion can deprive you of critical information, potentially hobbling your business and exposing you to legal liability over breached or missing data. So here are some smart data backup scheduling tips and strategies for SMBs, courtesy of your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

Here in Austin, we face ongoing struggles against dust, dander, pollen, and other airborne particles that can mess with our health and comfort. But your human workers aren’t the only ones at risk for debilitating issues caused by dust exposure. The electronic devices that labor silently to keep your operations running can also sustain dust-related “health problems” that threaten their performance and longevity. Let’s examine why dust represents such a serious potential threat to your IT system, and what you can do to minimize this threat.

In today’s fast-evolving technological world, it’s only natural to look for comforting signs of familiarity. For some, that means preferring old-school keyboards to modern touchscreen input, or keeping that reliable old printer or server going matter what. For still others, familiarity resides in a familiar software program – but this kind of familiarity often breeds contempt. Here are some potential complications of hanging onto old software.

Your data network is the central nervous system of your facility. Just as a human nervous system keeps all the body’s various components working in sync, your network keeps information flowing among end points and servers. Over time, however, a network that once seemed perfectly zippy can grow unwieldy, unpredictable, or just plain slow. If you’ve been wondering whether, Here are some telltale signs that you may need to make some upgrades.

You’ve discovered an exciting new software program with tremendous potential for your company’s workplace needs, only to have an IT professional point out that “it’s still in beta.” What does this mean, why does it matter, and how should you let it affect your decision to pursue the program in question? Here’s a brief look at those questions, courtesy of your Austin IT tech support gurus at Gravity Systems.

April in Austin usually means storms. The winds of March give way to rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. At the same time, seasonal changes can bring disruptions to various aspects of your IT system performance. Don’t wait for a power spike or connectivity failure to bring your network (and by extension, your whole business) to a grinding halt. Take the following preemptive measures to help ensure optimal productivity.

The last couple of years have been all about protecting ourselves, our family members, and our coworkers against a certain dangerous virus. However, you mustn’t forget about other viruses that can prove catastrophic to your business – viruses of a digital nature.

Today’s world is a gigantic, interactive business arena. Thanks to global communications and related technologies, businesses all over the planet can do business across multiple time zones and cultures as easily as if they were all located in the same town. Maybe your business has grown to the point that you’re ready to take it international. But before you can take that massive step, you’ll want to make sure that your IT capabilities will facilitate such expansion as effectively and painlessly as possible.

It’s every worker’s nightmare. You need to send that urgent email, make that big project completion deadline, or connect to that critical Zoom conference – only to realize with horror that your mobile device has gone silent due to a dead battery. Here are some battery hygiene pointers for IT departments and employees alike, courtesy of our Austin business technical support specialists at Gravity Systems.

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