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Today’s business world is making a deep dive into virtual project collaboration. One oddly positive side-effect of self-isolation has involved the widespread discovery and embrace of a powerful, efficient way for individuals to work and communicate remotely, from one-to-one conversations to large-scale digital meetings. For instance, it seems like practically everyone has either used or heard about Zoom by now. But up to 75 million inhabitants of the Windows ecosystem are now making use of another integrated collaborative platform -- Microsoft Teams.

As a huge chunk of the workforce has shifted into a work-from-home routine in response to COVID, the issue of data, device, and network security inevitably raises its ugly head. It’s challenging enough to protect your IT system from harm when your workers share the same facility with it -- so how do you protect your system when it’s being accessed from all manner of locations?

No sooner has the Thanksgiving turkey been digested than Black Friday begins, followed closely by Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday season. Since all this activity is also occurring in the midst of a pandemic, IT systems may be under more strain than ever. Here are some holiday survival tips from your Austin IT support team.

The first warning of a serious problem in our everyday life often reaches us through our ears. The dripping noise that indicates a plumbing leak, the knocking or pinging that signals car trouble, the buzzing that warns you of nearby bees -- these and other helpful sounds let you discover and react to a potential crisis. The same holds true of the hardware that runs your IT system. Pay attention to the following cries for help from your components.

Another Halloween is barrelling toward us, as if 2020 hasn’t already been scary enough. Fortunately, most Halloween hi jinks involve cartoonish, family-friendly depictions of ghosts and goblins. However, some threats can prove genuinely frightening, especially if they haunt your IT system. Here are some potential spine-chillers that you want to protect your technology against, with the aid of your Austin tech support allies at Gravity Systems.

Watch Out for The Latest Malware Threats The bad guys have grown even more active and destructive in 2020, with new programs, new attacks, and new victims. But knowledge is power, so here are some current malware threats you’ll want to know about and protect your IT system against, with some help from our Austin business IT support team.

Video conferencing is the new normal for businesses during this pandemic year of 2020. Fortunately, many organizations have discovered that popular video platforms such as Zoom allow them to maintain their efficiency and productivity -- but its effectiveness depends largely on how well your technological setup can handle it. If you’re unhappy with the way your video conferences have been going, consider the following strategies for improving them.

Without a steady trickle of voltage running through your building, your servers, workstations, cable boxes, routers, and other essential IT equipment would just sit there, useless. The key word, however, is “steady.” Abnormal voltage swings, spikes, and fluctuations can damage your hardware, which is why you need the right kind of protection for these devices. Check out these frequently asked questions about surge protectors.

Communication breakdowns can ruin everything from personal relationships to business productivity. If your servers and workstations have stopped talking to each other, your team may be unable to get anything down until the technological “misunderstanding” is ironed out. Let’s look at why this kind of trouble might occur and what you can do about it.