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You know the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? A similar rule applies to your organization’s workstation speed: Those computers will only go as fast as their most sluggish components will allow. Fortunately, you can get those workstations to work significantly faster by identifying and correcting the bottlenecks. Here are four smart strategies to consider, courtesy of your Austin business tech support experts at Gravity Systems.

An IT help desk is an application that assists clients with taking care of their concerns through a single (or numerous) resource. IT helpdesk lets representatives and IT members troubleshoot problems, track their concern, and get help in regards to services, products or processes. When any kind of issue is noticed in the software or device, it's the IT helpdesk that everybody rushes to.

Modern IT business support techniques have made many old-fashioned “house calls” obsolete. It’s great to know that you can simply contact your Austin tech support professionals at Gravity Systems to diagnose a software issue or troubleshoot connectivity problems over the Web, via our remote servers -- no matter where you maintain your main office or branch offices.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This old saying holds true for the parts of a machine, the lines of code in a computer program, and the members of a team. Unfortunately, human beings can prove both fallable and unpredictable in their behavior. Sometimes a behavioral lapse can lead to disastrous consequences for a company, especially when the lapse makes the company’s data vulnerable to theft, destruction, or inappropriate access.

“Home for the holidays” can mean different things to different workers. For some, it simply means taking several days off from the daily commute to a nearby job. For others, it may mean a dream trip to the other side of the country or even the world. But many of these holiday-bound employees may share one thing in common: the use of mobile devices to keep in touch with colleagues and get some unavoidable work done during the break. But these devices can cause trouble for your business -- and trouble doesn’t observe vacations.

December means holiday events, family reunions, and road trips -- in other words, vacations. You may have already received a number of requests for holiday vacation time from members of your IT team, and that’s only right. Technical workers have certainly put in the hours this year, especially with added burdens of heavy teleconferencing and remote collaboration usage. They deserve a break -- but before you’re left with the barest of technical skeleton crews, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to automate some critical IT functions.

Do you remember the first time you saw an all-in-one computer? Whether you viewed the concept as ridiculous or revolutionary, all-in-one computers have maintained impressive popularity over the past couple of decades, with many computer users attracted to these sleek, streamlined packages. But do all-in-ones serve as a sensible replacement for, or alternative to, traditional desktop computers? Here are some thoughts on the subject from your Austin IT services providers at Gravity Systems.

Today’s typical IT network resembles a many-headed hydra out of ancient mythology. Think about all the laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets, and other input devices your employees use to access your servers on a daily basis. As the number of these endpoints continues to grow, so do the potential risks your IT system -- and by extension, your business -- will face. That’s why you may need to consider adding unified endpoint management (UEM) to your system’s capabilities.

Black Friday has arrived earlier than ever this year, with many major stores and other providers already offering steep discounts for shoppers who can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving. And you know what’s right around the corner, too: Cyber Monday, that heavenly shopping event for tech-savvy consumers and businesses alike. The big question is: Can your business handle the one-two punch of these two commercial bonanzas? Make sure you’ve covered the following bases.

As another Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Americans like to put aside everyday hassles in favor of food, family, friends, and general thankfulness for all the good things in their lives. For business owners, that thankfulness may extend, not just for the profits that have rolled in that year, but also to the overall productivity, security, and stability of their various enterprises. You could find yourself feeling thankful that the Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems has helped you enjoy this same bounty. Here are four outsourced IT services worth giving thanks for this season.