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Outdated software can create numerous headaches for IT departments and the organizations they serve. These days it seems as if there’s a new update of some sort to worry about every time you turn around. Some of these updates may just modernize a tried-and-true application’s
features, while others could make huge differences in productivity and security. So which apps do you need to update immediately, and which ones can wait? Here’s a quick guide from your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

Have you enjoyed the ready access to automated backups, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, repairs, and installation you get from your relationship with Gravity Systems? If so, you may find yourself worrying what might happen to that best-in-class quality of service once you expand your organization into another city or region. Fortunately, you can put those worries aside. Our Austin business IT services team can extend its range of services far beyond River City to many other locations, from small towns to major urban centers across the United States.

It’s a common situation that never fails to sting: You leave your laptop or smartphone unguarded for just a brief moment, only to find that it has magically disappeared from the public table or desk where you’d left it. Or maybe you could’ve sworn that you’d kept the device in question
with you at all times, only now you have no clue where it’s gone. In addition to loss of some expensive equipment, you may also face the prospect of a serious security breach once an unauthorized party has your hardware. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from that
worse-case scenario, courtesy of your Austin business tech support team at Gravity Systems.

At the very least, the year 2020 served as a massive learning experience for many of us. From a new awareness of preventative hygiene practices to new strategies for remote work and communication, we’ve all had to adapt. Along the way, did you discover some unaddressed needs or challenges in your current IT setup? If so, maybe this is the perfect time to plug those gaps.

Today, many popular apps live not on users’ devices, but up in the cloud. In many cases, you can choose between “local” and cloud-based versions of the same application. So when should you choose one over the other? If you’re not sure, ask yourself the following questions.

Your IT system’s efficiency depends heavily on how well your network performs. If data cannot move smoothly, quickly, and dependably among your servers, workstations, and connections, you will encounter some serious (and frustrating) productivity bottlenecks. But what measuring sticks or benchmarks can reveal whether you have a speedy network or a sluggish one? Here are some key measures that our Austin IT business support technicians take into account.

As COVID-19 continues its rampage, a ray of hope has appeared in the form of vaccines that appear to offer strong protection against the virus. Some people have already received a COVID vaccination, with millions of more to follow in the coming months. While an armful of various vaccines won’t magically insulate you against all forms of illness, it should keep you safe against the specific types of germs those vaccines are designed to block. While you and your business teammates protect yourselves, however, you should also take steps to “vaccinate” your IT system against malware.

Apple’s newest Macs come equipped with state-of-the-art M1 processors. As a “system on a chip” (SoC), the M1 integrates multiple processing functions into its eight cores, allowing a Mac’s internal hardware components to interact with each other much more quickly and efficiently than before, using much less power along the way. Does this advance mean that you should drop your PC-based IT setup in favor of super-fast Macs or add these Macs to what you already have? Probably not.

Not all technological issues can be resolved in the wink of an eye. Some problems automatically call for special expertise, while others turn out to be more complex than they first appeared. Let’s look at some key points regarding outsourced IT help desk ticket escalation.

Another holiday season is upon us, which for many people means taking advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the numerous sales associated with the end of the year. While you’re eyeing the latest high-tech toys for your own purposes, maybe you should consider your IT department could use a visit from Santa -- in the form of some new hardware installed by your Austin business technical support team at Gravity Systems.