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Houston Remote Hands

Houston Remote Hands: Local Support for Corporate IT Departments

If your organization has expanded to Houston  – first of all, congratulations! “H-Town” is a world-class metropolitan area in every respect, including its booming business opportunities. Wherever your headquarters may be located, your corporate IT department will be able to provide many of the technical services that Houston office needs through the miracle of Web-based remote troubleshooting, updates and repairs. But what happens when your Houston office needs hands-on desktop, server or network assistance, as it inevitably will? Sure, you can spend lots of money flying your IT experts out to that branch, temporarily depriving your corporate team of key players in the process. Or you rely on a smarter, more cost-effective option – the Houston Remote Hands services provided by Gravity Systems.

Remote Hands is exactly what it sounds like – that extra pair of hands working on your behalf here in Houston for those IT tasks that can't be performed over the Web. Our skilled, experienced IT experts are happy to coordinate and cooperate with your own distinguished corporate IT team, making weekly visits to your Houston branch to perform any and all tasks on your ongoing/recurring technology checklist. Let us provide you with:

-Installation of phone jacks, desktop phones and Ethernet ports

-Re-cabling or cable expansion to accommodate your growing enterprise

-Relocation of servers and workstations

-Network device troubleshooting, repair and replacement

-Installation of additional computers, servers and peripherals

-Repairing or replacing memory modules, drives and other components

-Preventative maintenance via weekly onsite visits

Don't tax your corporate IT team by sending them out to Houston to handle these issues when you've already got the extra pair of hands you need right here. Contact Gravity Systems today to discuss how our Houston Remote Hands can lend a helping hand to your business!

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