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Technical Support

    Technical Support

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    Technical Support

    Gravity Systems has provided the best business technology support services in Austin since 1997. Our highly trained, experienced technicians are experts at installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting any kind of IT setup. We understand the specific needs of small to mid-sized companies, and we're ready to help you meet your business goals through the power of cutting-edge technology. We can even train those clients who want to do some of their IT administration internally.

    Our technical services include:

    Application Support

    If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on an industry-specific application suite crucial to your business operations, you may feel panic rising when the software vendor does a cursory installation and then leaves you twisting in the wind when it comes to support. Keeping track of upgrades and other necessary support functions can eat up lots of an IT worker’s time. Fortunately, Gravity Systems is happy to make the time. We’ll support those finicky applications and keep them up to date for you so you’re always running the latest version with the latest compatibilities and bug fixes. Gravity helps you get your money’s worth from your software investment.


    Here’s a frustrating scenario – you know something’s wrong, and you know it’s occurring in the IT system, but you have no clue where the problem lies. Here’s where you benefit from Gravity System’s professional troubleshooting services. Instead of groping around in the dark, trying one thing after another and losing tons of time and productivity in the process, let our professional troubleshooters get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll check the hardware, software, connections and cables systematically until we know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. That means you get back to work ASAP – and you didn’t have to crawl under that dusty old desk.

    Security Management

    New spyware, viruses and other malware enter the electronic world on a daily basis, which means your computers’ security must play a continuous game of catch-up. Only it’s not a game – if you don’t stay on top of the latest security patches, anti-virus measures and firewall revisions, you could end up with unwelcome intruders in your valuable data. Entrust this level of mission-critical work to the experts at Gravity Systems. We include security management as part of our network management program, and we can perform the constant monitoring, update checks and patches necessary to keep the bad guys away from your data.

    Phone Support

    Sometimes you need to talk through an IT problem with a skilled expert who cares enough to walk you through the process step by step. Gravity Systems puts customer satisfaction way up at the top of its priority list, so we’re always happy to hear from you and ready and willing to help.

    Server/Workstation Support

    The server/workstation relationship only works when both are functioning correctly. The servers and workstations have to be able to communicate with each other for your employees to have access to the data they need to do their jobs. If either component fails or misbehaves, or the connection between them goes dark, you lose access – and productivity, and ultimately money.

    Gravity Systems offers full support for all versions of Windows servers and workstations. We can also troubleshoot the server/workstation connection, make sure all components operate efficiently, and correct the little “improvements” people may have made over time that gradually built up to the problem. Sometimes just a few minor adjustments can make your system perform 100 percent better – just give us a call!

    Remote Management

    Imagine a “Mission Control” for your company’s data resources -- a remote facility that constantly monitors your hardware, software and Internet bandwidth, who knows when something’s gone wrong even before you do. That’s Gravity Systems’ remote management service. We have a birds’-eye view of your entire IT system from our offices. The instant a hard drive crashes, for instance, we see it and we can alert you that you need a visit from one our handy field techs. In fact, we often get a warning message before the device goes down, which means we can tell you to deactivate the device and then run a replacement to you before the problem even occurs. In many situations we can also fix minor performance glitches by directly accessing the computers via remote access. Houston, we do NOT have a problem!

    On-site Support

    Have toolkit, will travel. If you want to make sure your IT receives its regular helpings of TLC, ask us about Gravity Systems’ on-site support packages. We can set up a weekly, monthly or customized schedule to visit your facility and check all the hardware and software for necessary updates, correct functioning and optimal configuration. And if we see an opportunity for you to expand or increase the efficiency of your systems, we’ll be sure to let you know. Just as humans need to get checked by the doctor or dentist every so often, your IT system needs regular check-ups to ensure the health of your business.


    You’ll never need to consult an electronics catalog again when you have your very own technology experts doing the shopping for you. Gravity Systems can get you any and every kind of hardware or software product your business will ever need. Our many years of buying, installing and troubleshooting these products has given us an encyclopedic knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, which products cost a little more but perform 10 times better, and where you can actually spend less and get better results. For the best value in hardware and software, trust the folks who work with this stuff every day – us.

    Free Consultation

    We want you to feel comfortable with the solutions we give you. That's why we offer a "no-strings-attached" consultation to assess your needs and answer your questions. This service is free to our neighbors in the greater Austin area, but we can also travel to most out-of-town locations for a modest fee.

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