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Remote Hands

Remote Hands: Nationwide Hands-On Help From Gravity Systems

Today's technologies have made it easier than ever for businesses to set up shop wherever they wish, from gigantic metropolises to small towns, and to expand into multiple cities while maintaining lightning-fast communication between branches. But as you grow into new markets, you may find it increasingly difficult and impractical to send your corporate IT experts zig-zagging across the country to provide those hands-on services that every work environment needs sooner or later. Luckily, you don't have to subject your IT team to all that hassle, or do without those vital tech experts for days at a time at your corporate headquarters – not when you have Remote Hands from Gravity Systems.

What's it all about? Think of Remote Hands as that extra pair of hands for out-of-town or out-of-state technology issues that can only be resolved through in-person “house calls.” Your corporate IT department will appreciate our ability to work with them seamlessly, providing weekly on-site visits to checkoff the items on their IT task lists. Our team of skilled techs can perform such helpful services as:

-Installing new workstations and network connections for your growing workforce

-Replacing aging or failing computers or servers

-Cabling or re-cabling your network for better performance

-Adding or replacing desktop phones and other devices

-Troubleshooting a bad network jack or other connection point

-Moving one or more computers

-Replacing switches, routers and other hardware as needed

Let us make your corporate IT department's job that much easier while helping to ensure that your remote locations get all the technical help they need. Contact Gravity Systems to ask about our national Remote Hands service!

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