We’ve had some impressive hail storms this year in Central Texas -- and the “fun” may not be over yet. While the Texas hail season traditionally extends from March through May, it can prove as unpredictable as other kinds of weather in the Lone Star State. (Just a couple of years ago, Houston saw one-inch hail in August!) Hail and other stormy weather can do serious damage to your facility, and therefore your IT system. So take the recent activity as your cue to protect your technology against the following threats:

Broken windows - Massive hailstones driven by sufficient force can shatter commercial window glass. High winds may even drive tree branches into windows. Of course you can direct your employees away from windows during a violent storm -- but what about the technology those employees use? Position workstations well away from windows, just to play it safe.

Outages - Hail means thunderstorms, and thunder means lightning. Powerful lightning strikes can knock out the electricity in your building or even an entire part of town. When such an event happens, you’re likely to use critical data unless you have an emergency backup system in place. Invest in UPS battery systems that let you backup your data and shut down your computers safely.

Water damage - Hail storms, high winds, and torrential rains can cause your facility to spring leaks, allowing water into walls, attic spaces, and other areas that house electrical wiring or sensitive components. If the forecast calls for trouble, have your building inspected and take any necessary measures to seal gaps, strengthen weak points, and protect equipment.

Our Austin business IT support team can help you put these storm-proofing strategies in place, repair or replace storm-damaged components, and help your business stay productive from one storm season to the next. Contact Gravity Systems today!