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Take your company out of the old-fashioned world of hardwired networks and expensive local server boxes by moving up to the cloud – namely, the cloud computing features provided by Gravity Systems Austin's Gravity Office hosted solutions. Let Gravity Office host and support your business's critical functions through Gravity's rock-solid dedicated servers. Share email and calendar functionality across several offices or in the field, work together in Internet-based collaborative project workspaces, route all your company's calls automatically, run that proprietary software so everyone can use it, or share your QuickBooks across the network. It's the future of business – so hop on!

Gravity Mail Advanced - Want your employees to be able to view, send, receive and share email and calendar updates through a shared resource? Step up to Gravity Mail Advanced. This hosted service allows for easy synchronization of shared data across a wide range of platforms, applications and even mobile devices – plus the security of spam protection and automated backups.

Gravity Mail Basic - Give your business email the professional touch by connecting it to your business's Web domain. Gravity Basic Email sets up, hosts and supports a POP email account for your company that can support as many addresses as you need. It's the easy way to get serious about email.

Gravity Work - Don't shell out thousands of dollars for a dedicated server box simply to enable group project work for a few key employees – assemble your team via remote hosting with the Gravity Work project collaboration service. It's the perfect (and perfectly priced) way for team members to upload or download files, work together on documents, and leave messages or questions for each other from anyplace on Earth that has Internet access.

Gravity Phone - Let Gravity Systems take the expense and hassle out of phone routing and administration with our Gravity Phone hosted service. If you have an Internet connection we'll take care of the rest, which means that you can keep all that money you would have spent on a local server box. Enjoy auto-provisioning, easy voice menu setup, remote access to voicemail (without a phone) and much more.

Gravity Apps - If you have to make a particular industry-specific application available to multiple employees, don't bust your budget on a local server setup – let Gravity Apps take that burden off your hands. Now everyone who needs to can access and operate that mission-critical software from desktops or laptops by connecting to our super-robust server.

Gravity QuickBooks - Now your employees, accountants and bookkeepers can share your business's QuickBooks from multiple remote sites whenever they need to, all at the same time, thanks to Gravity QuickBooks hosting. Run a genuine full-blown version of QuickBooks with all the ease of the simplified (and limited) online version, without investing in your own server or making a long-term service commitment. Now that's a smart money move!

Check out all of these amazing services, and then contact Gravity Systems to boost your company's productivity into the clouds!

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