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Phoenix Online Backup

Online Backup & Data Security

In business we learn to plan for the worst and hope for the best. It’s a fact – data loss kills business. If you lose your sensitive client data or financial records due to an employee error, fire, burglary, hardware failure, hack or other disaster, there is a very good chance you’ll have to close up shop for good. 

Let Gravity Backup give you peace of mind. We’ll install our online backup system on your company’s computers and configure it to backup the files you need, according to a schedule that works for you. Our software does the rest.

Our automated off-site storage system updates your data incrementally on each backup, adding or deleting the information as needed, instead of wasting valuable time overwriting everything. The online backup also acts as an archive, saving multiple versions of your data in case you need to restore any files accidentally deleted from your computers. It even has a “self-healing” anti-corruption system to guard against any little glitches that might occur during transfer.

Best of all, you’ll know your data is secure with Gravity Backup’s 256-bit government level encryption protection. We’ll equip you with a one of-a-kind password and passphrase to ensure only authorized personal can read or work with the files.

Find out how you can keep your data safe and sound. Simple, convenient and secure, Gravity Backup, insurance for your information!

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