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In-House IT Services

In-House IT Services

Our in-house IT services division helps you, the in-house computer tech, serve your user base.  We customize our offerings based on client needs, but our core services are:

  • Internet shopping – We work with all the best MPLS and Internet providers, and can find the one that is a match for you.  If you have not shopped your Internet in a while, let us help you get faster speeds and better service at the same price-point.
  • End-point maintenance and management - Need a way to patch, monitor, remote-in, troubleshoot and maintain your workstations and servers?  We have it, and not only have the tools you need, but can also provide you with extra manpower to keep everything running smoothly.  We can support your business in Houston and all remote branches via the Internet.
  • Ticketing system and IT outsourcing - Ever have a day where you wish you had a few extra techs available to help take calls?  Now you can, with seamless help for your end users.  Our ticketing system product helps you track open issues internally, and then easily assign particular tickets for us to help with.  This system also works well for when IT staff need backup for vacations, sick days, etc.
  • Hardware, Software, Networking sales – Are you buying from CDW or direct from a manufacturer like Dell?  Work with a company that understands your particular IT situation and can make relevant recommendations and ensure you are not over-spending.  We can also help with installs and deployments, so you know you are backed if needed.
Initial Consultation

We want you to feel comfortable with the solutions we give you. That's why we offer a "no-strings-attached" consultation to assess your needs and answer your questions. 

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