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Windows 11 is one year old this month – and it got a nice first birthday present. Microsoft has rolled out the OS version’s first major update, version 22H2, making it available to over 190 countries. You may not be an early adopter by nature, and that can be a prudent attitude where software is concerned. However, you’ll want to go ahead and make this upgrade once you know about some of the new and improved features it contains. A quick look under the hood reveals the following goodies just for starters.

Sometimes just keeping track of all the moving parts in your IT system can feel like an overwhelming, never-ending scavenger hunt. Your employees are all using different, unrelated platforms and apps for their email, calendar and other productivity solutions. Meanwhile, your various branch offices are struggling to stay on the same page with each other. Fortunately, our  Austin IT managed services team can straighten that mess out for you, thanks to our streamlined Gravity Office services. We can streamline your:

Before, in the Gravity Systems Common IT Questions blog series, we reviewed the benefits and disadvantages of remote-only computer support.  In this post, we reply to a very common question.  Computers, like all business equipment, require regular maintenance and repair from time to time.  The big question is who will maintain and repair them.

We are continuing our Common IT Questions blog series.  Previously, we reviewed an application specific question on Quickbooks.  Today, we respond to the more system general question of updates.