Windows 11 is one year old this month – and it got a nice first birthday present. Microsoft has rolled out the OS version’s first major update, version 22H2, making it available to over 190 countries. You may not be an early adopter by nature, and that can be a prudent attitude where software is concerned. However, you’ll want to go ahead and make this upgrade once you know about some of the new and improved features it contains. A quick look under the hood reveals the following goodies just for starters.

Easier accessibility - A diverse workplace must address a wide range of potential accessibility needs, and Microsoft has done a lot to make its OS more easily accessible than ever. For instance, a new “Live Captions” feature offers real-time captions for the visually impaired or hard of hearing on any application that uses audio. Voice access permits manually challenged users to operate many PC functions via voice commands.

Functions that help you focus - Let’s face it, computers provide a variety of distractions even as they make productivity possible. The new Windows update lets you schedule Do Not Disturb or Focus sessions for intense, focused work. During these sessions, your computer will silence notifications and other distractions to help you concentrate. It even works with the system clock to remind you when you need to take a break.


Videoconferencing enhancements - This update gives you many new options to enhance your Microsoft Team video experience. Examples include background blur, automatic framing to center your face on the screen, and even an Eye Contact feature that simulates a straight-ahead look when your eyes are elsewhere.


The Windows 2022 Update also includes a variety of security and UI improvements to help your team work smarter and more safely. Contact our Austin IT tech support team at Gravity Systems to learn more!