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Did you know that 60 percent of small businesses shut down for good within six months of a data breach? If those kinds of statistics keep you awake at night, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your company and customer data as safe as possible while maintaining everyday productivity. Take a look at some simple online security steps you can (and should) take right now.

Windows 11 is one year old this month – and it got a nice first birthday present. Microsoft has rolled out the OS version’s first major update, version 22H2, making it available to over 190 countries. You may not be an early adopter by nature, and that can be a prudent attitude where software is concerned. However, you’ll want to go ahead and make this upgrade once you know about some of the new and improved features it contains. A quick look under the hood reveals the following goodies just for starters.

Father Time catches up to everybody and everything, including your IT system hardware. If your workstations and servers have lost a step or two, you may need to decide between making incremental upgrades or buying shiny new gear. Which move makes the most sense for your particular situation? Here are some questions that can lead you toward the right decision, courtesy of your Austin business tech support experts at Gravity Systems.

Are you taking your office hardware on the road? Perhaps you’ve decided to relocate your business to another commercial space, or perhaps you need to move some of your electronic equipment to a new branch office.

This kind of transition might appear straightforward enough – but straightforward doesn’t mean trouble free, as you might discover to your frustration when that equipment emerges at the other end of the move in an unusable state.

Here are some tips for moving your IT computers, servers, peripherals, and network gear safely and effectively, courtesy of your Austin busupport team at Gravity Systems.

We’ve already endured a brutal summer here in Texas –  and if history tells us anything, the heat will only get worse (if that’s even possible). As you keep replacing the water cooler in your building and cranking up the air conditioning, consider that extreme temperatures can cause more than discomfort for your employees; they can also damage your IT hardware. Here are some timely tips to help your computer gear beat the summertime heat, courtesy of your Austin business technical support experts at Gravity Systems.

The Cloud, with regard to computing, networking, and data storage, has become a ubiquitous marketing term that means many things.  Essentially, any time you access your data over the Internet you are utilizing ‘The Cloud’.  Today, it’s easy to find cloud service providers that will host your email, data storage, applications, or even your entire computer network.  It’s very important to account for several considerations when deciding if ‘The Cloud’ is right for your business.

Remote access tools allow you to extend your business computer network beyond the confines of your office building.  If you have employees in remote locations, branch offices, or home offices, the ability to drive a computer and access shared files, ERP systems, or other resources in the corporate office can mean a huge boost to productivity.

PC problems are unavoidable. Whether you own a new laptop or have a decade-old PC at your workplace, you are most likely going to face some or other problem almost every day. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some such issues and will guide you on how you can resolve them. 

Few things cause more damage to a server than a sudden loss of power. The server might seize up in the middle of processing, it might sustain physical damage, or it might not come back up again -- ever. To prevent this kind of nightmare, you need to have some power supply solutions standing by, and at the same time you need to be aware of these systems' individual limitations.