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Microsoft is busy spreading the word about their new operating system, Windows 10.  Unfortunately, they decided to do this for home users (and business users who do not have a server) by pushing out a Windows update that puts an icon by your clock.  Since we do not suggest anyone actually install Windows 10 until it has been out for a while and has been tested thoroughly, we suggest any customers with the icon below uninstall the update. 

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued an alert today for a vulnerability on Apple iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) that has the potential to affect many users.  The attack, called “Masque Attack”,  allows an attacker to substitute malware for a legitimate iOS app.  Basically, the attack compromises a website you may visit from your phone or tablet and then pops up a window asking you to install an app to more easily use the site.  If you chose to install the app, it replaces the real app with a fake one that may actually work, but also steals your credentials and sends them to the attacker. 

I have a LOT of tasks that are either far in the future or have no due date and are not urgent.  I hate having to scroll through these to try to find the relevant, time-sensitive tasks I need to work on daily.  Here is how I keep my “back-burner” tasks from taking over my to-do list.

By now, you have likely heard about the major security flaw with Java software.  Oracle announced today that they would have a patch by Tuesday.  We were hoping they would release one this weekend in order to get machines patched before the work week starts.  Assuming they do indeed release it on Tuesday, your computers under Gravity Systems  maintenance will be automatically patched in 24-48 hours after they release it, depending on the time they release it.

It’s a new year, and it’s time for new passwords.  More and more of our personal and critical data is protected by passwords, and for businesses, securing this data is even more critical.  If your information gets in the wrong hands, the damages could be devastating. 

Wondering if you are getting the best deal on Internet access? 

Please contact us and ask us to run a site survey of all the providers available at your location.  If you have not reviewed your options in a while, faster and/or less expensive options may exist. 

Before, in the Gravity Systems Common IT Questions blog series, we reviewed the benefits and disadvantages of remote-only computer support.  In this post, we reply to a very common question.  Computers, like all business equipment, require regular maintenance and repair from time to time.  The big question is who will maintain and repair them.

Using Postini for your email security solution?   Switch to GravityAntispam!

Google has announced the retirement of Postini, their email security and archiving service.  Over the course of 2013, Postini users will need to either migrate to Google Apps or no longer utilize Google’s security services. 

As a savvy and forward-thinking business manager, you have integrated a computer network and systems into your business.  Now, you need a professional team to manage these systems and keep them running in top shape.  There is a lot to consider when choosing your business computer support company.  The Common IT Questions blog series looks at the benefits and disadvantages of remote-only support.