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Cloud Services for Your Houston Business

What is this “cloud computing” you keep hearing so much about? Some people describe it as working online through collaborative remote interaction programs, while others use the term to describe remote telecommuting, Web-based email or virtual backup and storage. And they’re all correct! You can use the cloud for these and other applications -- thanks to the cloud computing services available from Gravity Systems.

Different business have different virtual computing needs, so we always sit down with our clients to talk about what type of setup makes sense for them. We have many pre-configured “cloud in a box” solutions suitable for a wide range of small, midsize or large businesses, but we can also create a cloud solution from scratch just for you, featuring a dedicated network that connects local and/or remote servers so your employees can do their work from anywhere in the world, either individually or as interactive groups. We can even set up your cloud computing environment so it will deliver varying degrees of secure access to different users at specific levels of clearance.

When your business’s IT runs on the cloud, so do you! You can operate all kinds of software remotely, from web-based email to common office applications. And the server doesn’t care where you’re accessing it from, either. It offers a “pervasive desktop” that lets you and your team work with your company’s data from laptops, smartphones, tablets or any other Internet-ready device. It’s a traveling businessperson’s dream, and it’s also the future of the “nimble” business that wants maximum flexibility and scalability for its technology systems. If you’re ready to decentralize your IT, Gravity Systems is ready to help!

Does your business really need cloud computing? The only way we can reliably answer that question is by learning more about your current IT system and how you’re using it. Contact Gravity Systems so we can answer your questions in detail and help you decide whether it’s time to reach for the clouds!

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