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    Technical Support Services

    Gravity Systems has provided the best in business technology support services since 1997. Our highly trained, experienced technicians are experts at installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting any kind of IT setup. We understand the specific needs of small to mid-sized companies, and we're ready to help you meet your business goals through the power of cutting-edge technology. We can even train those clients who want to do some of their IT administration internally.

    Our tech support services include:

    Application Support

    There's a lot more to ensuring that your specialized application suite works properly than simply installing it and hoping for the best -- and yet that's exactly what some vendors do. Keeping that expensive software humming along from year to year requires regular upgrades and ongoing support, and that takes more time and effort than you can (or should) spare. The sensible solution? Offload your application support to Gravity Systems ! You can always count on us to keep your applications as secure and malware-free as possible.


    If you're going crazy trying to figure which fault in your software, hardware or connectivity is causing your IT system to act up, rescue both your technology and your sanity by giving Gravity Systems a call. We're old pros at checking even the most complex systems, one link in the chain at a time, until we find that weak link and replace it. Don't shoot your own productivity in the foot -- call the troubleshooting experts at Gravity Systems and rest assured that relief is in sight.

    Security Management

    In the world of today's technology it seems as if the "bad guys" are everywhere. New viruses and other kinds of malware pop up every day, and these bugs can get into your IT systems and steal sensitive data, slow your computer performance and even cause system-wide crashes. That's why you have to have professional security management to keep up with all the new threats to your business's stability and productivity. Gravity Systems gives you that professional security management. We monitor your system at regular intervals to see if it still has up-to-date firewall and network protection -- and if not, we'll install the latest patches or anti-malware updates. When you're fighting off the bad guys, it pays to know the good guys!

    Phone Support

    When you've got an IT problem that needs an immediate resolution, you can't always get the help you need from an email portal or an online help desk -- sometimes you just really need to talk to a human being who knows what's going on and can explain how to fix things. At Gravity Systems we put our customers first, and that's why we offer personalized, one-to-one service via phone support. If you need a hand, we're all ears.

    Server/Workstation Support

    Your workstations and servers are only as good as the communication between them. If that communication is impaired or shut down due to some maladjustment or malfunction, your employees may have no way to get to the files and data they need on a daily basis. And if your employees can't work, neither will your business.

    Fight back against the loss of precious uptime by letting Gravity Systems handle all your server/workstation support needs. We can keep a professional eye on any kind of Windows workstation or server to make sure your components and connections are doing their job on both ends of the pipeline. If necessary, we can also fix those well-intentioned "repairs" by others that may have done more harm than good. Re-connect your employees to your data today with a little help from the force of Gravity.

    Remote Management

    What's better than having an IT service standing by and ready to help whenever you tell them, "Houston, we have a problem?" How about not even having to tell them? Gravity Systems offers comprehensive remote management services that allow us to perform as a virtual troubleshooting and maintenance hub for your IT system. We can monitor your technology round the clock so that we actually see a failing drive or dropped connection before you do -- and before things go really wrong. We may even be able to fix the problem entirely by remote control! Discover the power and convenience of remote management by contacting us today.

    On-site Support

    At Gravity Systems we believe that the easiest crash to fix is the one that never occurs in the first place. Regular on-site support and maintenance checks can help you avoid more extensive and time-consuming repair work -- and Gravity makes the process simple and affordable. Tell us what makes the most sense for your business and we'll schedule weekly, monthly or other regular visits to fix little problems as they arise. We can also tell you if your system is starting to get a little old, small or slow for your growing business and recommend optimization for the future. Keep your IT systems healthy with regular house calls from Dr. Gravity.


    If you're not an IT expert and you don't have an IT expert on your permanent staff, then wading through catalogs and spec sheets trying to select and purchase the right hardware and software for your company can be maddeningly hard. Don't shop till you drop -- hand that task over to Gravity Systems so you can spend your valuable time more wisely. We're so experienced at designing, purchasing and installing IT systems that we can point out the exact items you need in a fraction of the time it would take you to find them. We can also warn you away from those great "bargains" that turn out to be expensive mistakes, or from expensive components that aren't really worth their asking price. If you're in the market for new hardware or software, let the experts at Gravity fill your shopping basket.

    On-site Staffing

    Is your company experiencing growing pains? It may be at that "awkward age" where it needs more IT service and support than it currently has, but not so much that it makes sense to create an in-house IT department just yet. How do you smooth over this transition as efficiently as possible? You need on-site IT staffing by the hour -- and Gravity's got it. We can give you 5 hours, 15 hours, whatever you need on a weekly or monthly basis, either as supplements to your current IT staff or by taking on the entire IT role ourselves. Combine our on-site staffing with our remote maintenance capabilities, and you're good to grow!

    Free Consultation

    We understand that you can't just "order off the menu" when it comes to the ideal IT solutions and support for your individual business. That's why we offer a free initial consultation to our Houston clients (and we can travel outside Houston for an affordable fee). Let's sit down and talk about your business's specific challenges and goals to make sure you get the tech you need for the future you want. Contact us today!