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The holiday shopping season is here again. The minute most Americans have polished off their Thanksgiving dinners, you can bet that they’ll be scouring the Internet for special deals on products, services, and gifts. If you expect to profit during this busy time, you’d better make sure your IT system is ready to support all that activity without compromising safety or security. Here are a few suggestions along those lines, courtesy of your Austin business tech support friends at Gravity Systems.

Take a technological inventory. Now is the time to check every element of your network with a fine-toothed comb. Does your software have all the latest updates to ensure smooth performance and device compatibility? Is all your critical hardware up and running? An evaluation by a third party might uncover weaknesses your in-house team might overlook.

Invest in your Internet connectivity. You can expect the Information Superhighway to be jam-packed with electronic “commuters” from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The last thing you want during this money-making bonanza is sluggish performance or even a lost connection that makes your ecommerce site unusable.If you’re not happy with your current connection speeds, get another provider. If you have only one Internet, invest in a backup line to handle overflow or come to your rescue in case the primary line fails.


Watch out for cyber crooks. Whenever you see a flurry of credit card purchases, you’ll see a flurry of cyber criminals waiting to intercept those account numbers and other sensitive customer data. Double-check your hardware and software security, and discourage your employees from using your network to do their holiday shopping.


Our skilled technicians will be more than happy to help you prepare, not just for this holiday shipping season, but for every holiday shopping season. Contact us and let’s discuss it!