The Necessity of Email Security for Small Business


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Imagine you wake up one morning to find your business emails compromised, sensitive client data exposed, and your brand reputation tarnished overnight.

Most business owners know that hackers use email to sneak into company data. But what's surprising is how often small businesses are the main targets.

According to research conducted by SCORE, a startling  43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.  Such statistics underline the fact that size doesn't deter cyber threats; vulnerability does.

“Taking a serious approach to email security, including technology and training, is imperative in today’s IT landscape," says Kent Morris, President, Gravity Systems 

Why are small businesses such a hot target, and how can they guard their precious data? Let’s find out. In this blog, we'll explain why hackers target small businesses and give easy-to-follow steps to protect your emails. 

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Why is Email Security for Small Business Essential? 

For many, email is just a tool for communication. However, in the business realm, especially for small enterprises, it's much more than that. It's a repository of sensitive information, transaction details, contracts, and client communications. Given its importance, ensuring email security for small businesses is an absolute necessity.

  • Attractive Targets: Believe it or not, small businesses are often more enticing to hackers than larger corporations. They assume that small business email security measures might be lax compared to the big players.
  • Cost of a Breach: While a large enterprise might absorb the financial hit of a data breach, for a small business, it could mean shutting down. Business email security is a small price to pay compared to potential losses. In fact, 60 percent of small businesses go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber attack.
  • Limited IT Resources: Unlike big corporations with dedicated IT departments on standby, small businesses often rely on limited or outsourced IT support. This means that the aftermath of an email breach can be particularly chaotic, with a longer recovery time. Quick response to threats and timely remediation becomes a challenge, which can prolong the period of exposure and increase potential damage.

Business Email Security

Source: Business Wire

  • Rise in Sophisticated Attacks: Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly crafty, using tailored phishing emails and spear phishing attacks that can fool even the cautious. In fact, over 71% of targeted attacks represent spear phishing. For small businesses, these personalized attacks might imitate a known vendor, client, or even an internal employee. Given their close-knit nature and often informal communication styles, small businesses can be especially vulnerable to these deceptive tactics. 
  • Reputation Management: For small businesses, every customer counts, and word of mouth is pivotal. A security lapse in business emails not only compromises client trust but can also lead to negative reviews and feedback. Without the vast marketing budgets of larger corporations, negative publicity resulting from an email breach can be especially devastating, taking years to rebuild and recover.

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6 Small Business Email Security Best Practices

Email security is like installing a high-tech alarm system for your office. Just as you wouldn’t leave your physical store unprotected, you shouldn’t leave your digital doors open for intruders. Here are some robust practices to consider:

1. Use an Email Security Solution

Going for a cloud-based email security solution is a smart choice. It acts like a vigilant gatekeeper, checking all inbound and outbound emails. Not only does it detect visible threats, but it also scans for hidden malicious email attachments or links. 

This way, harmful content is intercepted long before it can cause damage, ensuring that both your inbox and your sent emails remain clean and credible.


2. Encrypted Email for Small Business

Always send encrypted emails. This means even if someone intercepts your message, they can't read it without a unique key. 

By ensuring every business email is encrypted, you're making sure that sensitive data,  whether it's financial figures or client information,  remains confidential and intact.


3. Educate Your Team

Over 40% of employees assumed that phishing emails they received came from senior executives of their company.

This is why it's essential that you regularly train your team. Teach them how to spot phishing emails and other email threats. Remember, the more your team knows, the better equipped they are to avoid them.

Small Business Email Security

Source: GetApp

Regular training sessions can keep everyone updated, turning each team member into a human firewall. Always remember that while technology can provide layers of protection, an informed team acts as the first line of defense against threats.


4. Implement Two-Factor Authentication

Think of two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security layer. Even if a hacker cracks a password, they'd be stopped by the second verification step. 

Whether it’s a text code, a fingerprint, or an authentication app, 2FA ensures that your email accounts remain in the right hands, giving you an extra layer of security that’s hard to penetrate.


5. Use a Password Manager

Using a password manager is a great way to ensure email safety. Not only does it generate strong, unique passwords for every account, but it also stores them safely. 

You won't have to stress about forgetting them or writing them down, and the autofill function means faster, safer logins.

Email Security for Small Business

Source: HostPapa


6. Secure Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are like miniature offices in pockets. If your team accesses business emails on their mobile device, those devices become potential entry points for hackers. 

Regular updates, strong device passwords, and vetted apps ensure these mobile gateways to your business data remain guarded against malicious intentions.


Safeguard Your Business Email Security With Gravity Systems

The unexpected sting of a compromised email can be the nightmare no small business owner wishes to face.

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