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Do you remember where your most recent set of workstations came from? Can you recall who bought your original Ethernet routers and strung your network together for you? Have you assembled a “Frankenstein monster” of an IT system made up of different parts from different sources over the years? This haphazard approach to hardware and software purchasing cause all sorts of connectivity and compatibility problems down the road. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that makes your life easier and your IT system better: letting our Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems do all the shopping for you.

In this age of plug-and-play compatibility and widely-adopted technology standards, you might think that it doesn’t matter which parts you buy or where you buy them. But you might also be (unpleasantly) surprised at just how much variation there really is out there, especially in terms of quality. Some of the cheaper components are as reliable and well-made as their premium rivals – but you may also get what you pay for, performance-wise.

A scattershot approach to buying parts can make it hard to create a truly integral system. For instance, you could end up with cables that can't handle as much bandwidth as your router, or vice-versa. Your technology chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you're not buying components that support each other's specs and capabilities, you may be enjoying only a fraction of your system's potential performance.


That’s why it makes so much sense to let Gravity Systems to the buying for you. We’ll evaluate your IT needs and select the perfect combination of high-quality components to build a well-integrated system. We’ll then install those components, make sure they’re running perfectly, and keep on top of scheduled maintenance and replacements. It’s the smart way to buy technology -- so bring your shopping list to us!

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