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If you’ve ever imaged how horrible it would be to lose your business’s critical data to theft, ransomware, drive failure or a natural disaster, then you already know that you need some kind of regular data backup system. But how should you go about backing up your precious data -- by copying it onto local drives and removable media, or by making a copy that lives on a remote server? Let’s examine the respective pros and cons of on-site and off-site backup strategies.

Spam has surely earned its reputation as one of the greatest annoyances of the computer age. But that unwanted daily info-dump into your team’s email inboxes is more than just annoying -- it can be downright damaging to your business. Let’s look at some of the ways spam can hurt you, as compiled by our Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems.

Whatever line of work you're in, you know how hard it is to attract the brightest prospects to your profession or industry. The more competitive your field, the more attractive your organization must appear in order to draw tomorrow's leaders to your interview table. Here at Gravity Systems, our Austin IT support team can think of one major benefit you can offer, one that's easier to set up than you might think: the opportunity to work remotely, through the magic of today's digital technologies.

Many people think of passwords as a magic wand. They set up a new online account or computer drive, assign what they think is a sufficiently complicated password, and then walk away convinced that their precious data is now safe. But in today's world of digital "safecracking" technologies and dedicated cyber-criminals, one password simply isn't enough. That's why our Austin tech support team at Gravity Systems wants you to get thoroughly familiar with a critical extra layer of protection known as two-factor authentication.

If you're not downright obsessed with maintaining data security for your organization, you probably should be. Hackers, lax data-sharing practices, and unknowing violations of federal data-protection laws can place you in some very hot water indeed. Are you prepared to pay the high cost of professional non-compliance – or would you rather nip those concerns in the bud through smart IT strategies? Here are some insights on the subject from your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.

If you've ever suffered an Internet outage in your home, you probably grumbled and cursed your way through the day until the connection was restored and you could get back to your everyday digital tasks. As annoying as that scenario may be, it's nothing compared to the nightmare of losing hours of precious productivity time due to an outage at your workplace. Fortunately, there's a simple, smart way to prevent the issue from occurring – by implementing redundant Internet connectivity, with the aid of your Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems.

When you think of beefing up your business's computing power, you may think of changes such as additional servers, larger hard drive capacity, and operating system upgrades. But you can have all of these advantages and still endure sluggish, buggy performance if you haven't remembered one more crucial ingredient: Random Access Memory, or RAM. Let's examine the function and importance of this element of your IT system components, and how our Austin IT support  team at Gravity Systems can help you boost that memory.

When was the last time you reported to your doctor for a physical examination? Many people bother only when they know there's something wrong with them -- but it's far more sensible to undergo regular preventative exams so any lurking problems can be attended to right away. The same principle holds true for your IT system, which may be outdated or getting ready to fail on you without your realizing it. Let's look at some of the ways regular maintenance can help your IT system keep going strong.

Batteries have been with us in one form or another ever since the first true battery was created by Alessandro Volta in 1800. They've become such an essential part of everyday life and technology that we tend to take their existence for granted. But when the various types of batteries that serve your computing devices go bad, you become all too aware of their importance. Here's a quick introduction to batteries and their potential problems from your Austin business IT support team at Gravity Systems.

If someone were to warn you to "beware of BECs," would you have any idea what that person was talking about? Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are a very real danger to all kinds of businesses. These hacker attacks go beyond everyday phishing to target your most valuable team members and data. Our Austin IT services team wants to make sure you don't fall into the BEC booby traps, so let's take a look at the basics of this danger to your business.