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Without a steady trickle of voltage running through your building, your servers, workstations, cable boxes, routers, and other essential IT equipment would just sit there, useless. The key word, however, is “steady.” Abnormal voltage swings, spikes, and fluctuations can damage your hardware, which is why you need the right kind of protection for these devices. Check out these frequently asked questions about surge protectors.

Communication breakdowns can ruin everything from personal relationships to business productivity. If your servers and workstations have stopped talking to each other, your team may be unable to get anything down until the technological “misunderstanding” is ironed out. Let’s look at why this kind of trouble might occur and what you can do about it.

Outsourcing has become the new normal for all kinds of businesses, from small startups who can’t maintain a sizable in-house staff to large enterprises who prefer to share the distribution of labor. One popular option involves engaging an outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer) instead of hiring this executive-level talent on a permanent basis. Let;s examine the benefits of an outsourced CIO arrangement -- and how you can obtain the equivalent of this expertise from our Austin IT managed services team.

When you consider that 94 percent of businesses that experience catastrophic data loss fail within a year, you know you need backup. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider about your business’s data backup strategy, courtesy of your Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

Your hardwired LAN has served its purpose admirably -- but it’s time to expand. How do you augment your IT network without adding miles of cabling to the system? Your answer may lie in the world of wireless components and connectivity.

Social media can, and probably does, play a key role in your business’s success, from B2B connections to marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, it can also open the door to potential dangers. Here are some social media security warnings and tips from your friends at Gravity Systems.

Does your business live or die by its ability to make steady, snappy use of the Internet? If so, then you find this lifeline to profitability threatened by sluggish performance or other limitations in your IT system. Here are four tactics that can help you make better use of the Information Superhighway, courtesy of your Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

When your IT grinds to a halt, so does your productivity. Crashes that affect any part of your system can force costly downtime, especially when they plague your team on a recurring basis. If you’ve been spending more time lately rebooting your computers or waiting for your connection to resume than getting your work done, our Austin business IT support specialists advise you to look at these possible reasons for your frustration.

Have you or your employees been compelled to work from home during the current pandemic? If you answered in the affirmative, you’re in good company. Digital voice and video traffic has spiked as more people try to handle their business and personal communications remotely. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your current phone system to a hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, this is an ideal time -- and Gravity Systems is more than happy to get you started.

When it comes time to create such a network, you might find yourself wondering about the mysterious boxes that connect your devices, including how they work and which ones should go where. Here’s a high-level look at the world of network hubs, switches, and routers, courtesy of our Austin IT support specialists at Gravity Systems.