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The trusty USB flash drive is the “Swiss Army knife” of quick, convenient, on-the-go data storage and transfer – but just how trusty is it? Recent studies have exposed some serious security vulnerabilities in USB devices, ports, and usage habits. Let's look at where these weaknesses lie, the risks your organization could face, and some tips on USB best practices from our Austin tech support team.

You're sick and tired of the sluggish performance of your IT system's everyday functionality. Since all your workstations are getting a bit long in the tooth, you decide to junk them all and replace them with new, state-of-the-art models. So why is your network's performance still lagging? Because the problems may lie l somewhere else, making that major investment in a new set of workstations a big waste of money and energy. That's why you need professional troubleshooting instead of guesswork – and why you need to call the Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems to determine your true needs before you start buying things.

Were you as surprised as the rest of us to see the recent snowfall and ice warnings throughout Central Texas? Between the frozen precipitation and the earlier massive hurricane threats, your business may have seen more than its share of understandable absenteeism as the foul, dangerous weather forces significant portions of your workforce to stay home and ride it out. Don't be too surprised if spring and summer storms bring more of the same. Instead, create a workaround for ongoing productivity by beefing up your company's telecommuting strategies.

Many businesses like to make a clean sweep, in all kinds of ways, with the coming of a new calendar year. The beginning of 2018 could be the ideal time for your organization to upgrade its system – but where do you start? Let's look at some of the basic considerations that might go into creating your IT upgrade plan.

Even if you vaguely remember rigid 3.5” floppy discs, or even those flexible 5.25” floppy discs, you may draw a blank on first-generation 8” floppies. These disks, which made their debut in 1971, were considered defunct by the 1980s.

Is there such as thing as too much success? Most business owners would say no – but they would also add that growth must be manageable. If you're looking at starting an additional branch office or other facility in a new city, you may be find yourself hesitating over the question of how you're going to manage the IT needs of that new location. Flying members of your corporate IT team out to that city every week or so is an awfully costly and inefficient answer. Here at Gravity Systems, we have a better one: our Remote Hands service.

Whether you anticipate a bustling holiday season or you're just looking to supplement a skeleton crew of permanent team members, you may be planning on bringing in some temporary employees. Keep in mind, however, that these individuals are strangers to you, and their intentions may be not pure as Christmas snow. Here are some strategies you can employ to make sure your IT system won't be compromised, courtesy of our Austin IT business support experts.

If you've been in business for any length of time, you know how crucial it is to maintain peak efficiency in your procedures and systems – including your IT system. There's no way to get completely around the burning of electricity in any IT system, but the following suggestions from our Austin IT managed services team can help you improve your technology's energy efficiency.

Up to four-fifths of all IT network problems are related to cabling issues. Those cables connecting your devices may not look special, but they play a critical role in keeping your system running. Let's look at important considerations in ensuring that cabling is up to the job, courtesy of your Austin IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

In a previous post, we mentioned some strategies you can employ to reduce your risk when you and your employees must use public wifi instead of more secure network options. You may breathe a sigh of relief whenever you return to the relative safety of your business's own private wireless network, especially if it's using the familiar, highly-regarded security protocol known as WPA2. Unfortunately, it turns out that this secure protocol isn't as secure as anyone thought. An exploit called KRAK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) is capable of breaching its defenses – but our IT business support team at Gravity Systems can help you protect yourself against it.