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All computing hardware is not created equal where speed, power, storage, and other factors are concerned. Let’s look at some of these considerations in terms of your own hardware needs.

Have you hesitated to engage the outsourced IT help you clearly need? Before you outsource your technology support to an Austin IT managed services provider, you need to know that you’ve selected the right provider for your particular goals, concerns, and expectations. Here are some considerations to help you narrow down your choice, courtesy of your friends at Gravity Systems.

As an Austin IT support provider, Gravity Systems qualifies as one of those essential businesses that stays open even as other organizations must close their doors during the COVID-19 epidemic. If you belong to the essential critical infrastructure workforce as well, then your work site may still accommodate a significant number of employees. If some of your team simply can’t do their jobs from home, you need to think about how to maintain a hygienic, virus-free facility, including ways of using your technology as safely as possible.

The specific recommendations for staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak seem to change every time we turn around. The need for social distancing, however, remains a constant. Maintaining a reasonable space between your business team members and your service providers is one example -- but what does that mean for your ability to keep getting the IT assistance you need?

Where do you get the hardware and software that keeps your IT system going? Putting together your ideal IT system involves more than just buying parts and programs on an ad hoc basis. That’s why you need a VAR (value added reseller) -- and why you should make Gravity Systems your VAR of choice.

The old expression, “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb” may or may not be true in the unpredictable world of Central Texas weather, but the “lion” phase is definitely a concern for any company that relies on its IT system. Here are some springtime threats that may call for the help of your Austin tech support team at Gravity Systems.

In our previous article, we pointed out the many technologies you can put to use for those times when communicable diseases threaten the health of your employees -- including the current coronavirus crisis. Even with the right technologies inplace, however, you shouldn’t just tell everyone to stay home; you need an intelligent strategy for rolling out an efficient telecommuting plan.

When we talk on this blog about viruses impeding business processes and hurting your productivity, we usually refer to computer viruses. But as the recent cancellation of SXSW due to the coronavirus has amply demonstrated, biological viruses can also prove devastating -- not just to people, but also to organizations. 

Mobile devices can turn the whole world into your workplace. Sales reps, technicians, and CEOs alike can all conduct their necessary business from any location that permits a data connection. This freedom, however, also opens the door to some serious risks. Here are some important steps you need to take before you send your team out into the field with their mobile technology.

You hear about it all the time -- the need to install some important new security patch, questions over which patches are necessary and which aren’t, and even the occasional report of a buggy patch that does more harm than good. But what exactly are patches all about, and why do they matter so much to your IT system’s well-being? Here’s an overview of the subject from your Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems.