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COVID-19 continues to affect businesses in significant ways, and not only in terms of revenues. As your enterprise goes in and out of lockdowns, you might hesitate to interact with third-party providers, including providers of outsourced IT services. Does it really make sense to give outsiders access to your hardware, software, and network at a time like this? It absolutely does. Here’s why.

Most troubleshooting can be handled remotely. The days when you have to invite technicians into your facility simply to diagnose a computer problem are long gone. Our remote servers allow us to gain access to your systems while we’re all safe in our respective spaces. We can spot software glitches, driver co

nflicts, network configuration problems and other issues just as easily as if we were sitting at one of your workstations.

Remote access to computers reduces the risk of contagion. Once we’ve identified a problem with your computer system, we can often correct it just as easily via remote cloud connectivity. Our team can also perform regularly-scheduled tasks such as data backup, security patch downloads, operating system upgrades, and changes to user permissions and other setup parameters without entering your facility or touching your devices, thus minimizing your employee’s COVID exposure risk.

A smaller in-house team can help you weather the storm. Our Austin IT support team can address ongoing technical needs that would otherwise require you to maintain permanent in-house personnel. We can help you minimize both your workplace population and your payroll. This approach not only reduces risks of disease transmission, but it can also help you run a more cost-efficient company in the face of current and future reversals.


Outsourced IT can help you keep your business as safe, productive, and profitable as possible, pandemic or no pandemic. Contact Gravity Systems to set it up!