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Watch Out for The Latest Malware Threats The bad guys have grown even more active and destructive in 2020, with new programs, new attacks, and new victims. But knowledge is power, so here are some current malware threats you’ll want to know about and protect your IT system against, with some help from our Austin business IT support team.

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Banking trojans - Trojans get their name from the legendary horse used to trick the Greeks. They look like legitimate application files -- but when you click on them, they’re triggered to execute malware on your computer. Two recent banking trojans to be aware of include Trickbot (which fools recipients at SMBs to provide sensitive personal information) and Emotet (which commonly takes the form of innocent-looking spam emails).


Ransomware - One form of ransomware you may encounter these days is known as Ryuk. Like other types of ransomware, this program can encrypt the hard drive of your computer or system. It then alerts you to this development and demands a substantial Bitcoin payment in exchange for unlocking the encryption. Other bad guys are using a program called Lockbit, which supposedly steals financial and network data as well as encrypting devices.

News malware - These attacks prey on people’s interest in following the development of compelling world events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. If you receive an unexpected email on such subject matter, don’t click on any internal links -- they will most likely feed data-stealing malware into your computer.


Yes, anti-virus software can play a big role in protecting you against malware threats, but it’s just one element of an effective security plan. Our Austin IT business support experts can offer advice and solutions to help you keep your tech safe in 2020 and beyond. Contact us today!