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Cloud-based storage, backup, collaboration and other solutions allow for off-site data manipulation that’s efficient, speedy, and – secure? The truth is that security is an ongoing question for your business’s cloud, just as it is for its local software and hardware. Our Austin business IT team wants to make you aware of some of these potential pitfalls, along with effective safeguards you can employ to keep things from getting dark and stormy up in your cloud.

Keep in mind that a cloud network is still just a network, not some magical thing that hides your company data from prying eyes. Your employees must employ the same best practices on a cloud network that they would (or should) on a local server. Make sure your cloud network has the appropriate password protections to keep just anyone from jumping into it.

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Anyone who’s allowed access to your cloud also potentially has access to the files stored on that cloud – including those containing sensitive financial and client data. It’s a good idea to encrypt these files so that they can only be opened with a specific password, which you can then limit to employees possessing the appropriate level of authorization. You might even consider excluding the most sensitive files from your cloud, backing them up onto local media instead and placing multiple backups in different (carefully-secured) locations.

“Bring Your Own Cloud” has become a popular option – but it’s not the safest one by any means. Yes, you can purchase as many terabytes of cloud server space as you need from various online services. But those services are not in the business of administering to your specific security needs and concerns. Instead, entrust your cloud computing needs to Gravity Systems. Our cloud-based systems give you multiple security options and password authorization levels. Contact our Austin IT managed services team today!

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