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When was the last time you reported to your doctor for a physical examination? Many people bother only when they know there's something wrong with them -- but it's far more sensible to undergo regular preventative exams so any lurking problems can be attended to right away. The same principle holds true for your IT system, which may be outdated or getting ready to fail on you without your realizing it. Let's look at some of the ways regular maintenance can help your IT system keep going strong.

Data pruning frees up space. If you've been accumulating and keeping files for a long time -- even the ones that no longer matter or aren't needed on an everyday basis – then deleting or archiving that old material can give you much-needed drive space. This simple step can improve server access times, pepping up your whole system.

Checking your security safeguards helps you protect sensitive data. If you've been using the same old firewall or you haven't backed up your anti-malware programs in a while, get these safeguards checked and brought up to date if necessary. The specific challenges posed by hackers change constantly -- and your IT system must stay one step ahead of them.


Inspecting your hardware helps you identify potential failure points. Computer components can sometimes run for many years, but every part has its average lifespan and will eventually fail. A careful inspection by our IT experts can identify ancient components whose time has probably come. We can also identify and address issues which threaten to shorten your hardware's usable life, such as overheating or lack of ventilation.

Just as you shouldn't wait until you have a heart attack to let a doctor look you over, you don't want to neglect your IT system's health. Contact Gravity Systems to schedule a “wellness exam!”

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