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The growing influence of the internet is considered as a landmark achievement by the governments and global leaders. People and businesses are getting globalized, internet and social media are virtually bridging the geographical gap between landmasses which was earlier considered a serious challenge hindering the instant connectivity.

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During the recent past, we witnessed a significant rise in the internet user base which apparently led to the growth of online businesses and service providers, as more and more people are assembling on a common global platform the number of opportunities too are getting higher day by day for the entrepreneurs to start with their business ideas through online mediums.

With these increasing perks of this virtual networking space there comes an insecurity with it, Cybercrime. Cybercrime is a term used for the illegal activities taking place over internet. Those "illegal" activities include phishing, IOT hacking, Ransomwares and unethical hacking to steal personal data and information through Malware and malicious web links etc.

Going deeper into the types of Cyber threats and crimes we can categorize them into two main categories

1)Criminal activity that targets

2)Criminal activity that uses computers to commit other crimes.