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Gravity CloudComputing 1 resized 600Cloud computing has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years. In fact, the technology is no longer limited to large corporations; even small and medium sizes businesses prefer hosted servers to store and manage their data. 

While many businesses have adopted this as a basic tool, many others are yet to include it in their operations. Lack of security of their confidential data is one of the main reasons why many companies have refrained from using this technology. If you are one among the many who have preferred to stay away from could computing, you may want to consider private cloud computing!

Private hosting offers 100% data security from other tennants, something that information sensitive businesses such as banks and research laboratories want. Other small businesses also opt for private cloud when they prefer infrastructure or applications to be 100% under their control and utilizing the same security permissions and procedures they would have with a local (in-house) server. This ensures that the sensitive information stays safe within the company.  It is important in these scenarios to maintain and monitor the virtual server in the same manner and with the same frequency as you do in-house servers.  Often, the hosting provider can do this for you.  For example, our private cloud solutions include maintenance time and monitoring at the same level we typically use on an in-house server.  As with anything IT, you have to maintain your platform in order for it to be stable and available when you need it. 

Apart from data security, private cloud computing has many advantages, which makes it worth considering.  

Customized hosting 

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When you have a private cloud, you will have all options to customize it in every possible way. We at Gravity Systems are glad to help you identify and plan to accommodate all your needs. We can add or remove resources and applications as needed. 


On-demand scalability

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Apart from customization, you also get the flexibility to expand or reduce your capacity. This means you may start with a smaller capacity and later, as the demand grows, increase it as per your needs. You can “start small” and grow as your business grows. The team at Gravity Systems will be at your disposal and will assist you in deciding the capacity that will best suit your needs. 


Cost reduction

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Although many tout “the cloud” as the ultimate cost saver, it can be more or less expensive vs in-house servers depending on your needs and applications.  We can help you make the best decision for your business.  Often cloud and in-house solutions are around the same cost over a three or four year period, so the decision may come to 1) whether an up-front investment or a monthly expense is better for your company and 2) what are the non-cost drivers associated with each option.  We can help you make this important decision.  Often, a hybrid model makes the most sense, and we can work with you on what to move to the cloud.  


Greater control over redundancy 

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Many people think that their data is “safe” from loss in the cloud because someone else is taking care of it.  It can be a rude awakening to find that, as is typical for cloud contracts, the provider is only backing up “their” side of the equation.  They may have backups, but they may be for their internal use.  You may not be able to restore what you want to, when you want to.  Most providers do include some level of physical server redundancy, which is indeed an important part of the equation.  If one server goes down, your data will be transferred to another, thereby reducing your downtime. However, in such case, the security of your data can be at stake. If you do not want to compromise, opt for private cloud computing. Since you will be designing your own data storage and getting it maintained exclusively for your business, you will have greater control over server problems and redundancy.

Private cloud computing may indeed make sense for your business.  It may also be “more trouble than it is worth”.   We are glad to help you make this important decision for your small business.  Please contact us for Managed IT Support in Austin and for further help!