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By now, you have likely heard about the major security flaw with Java software.  Oracle announced today that they would have a patch by Tuesday.  We were hoping they would release one this weekend in order to get machines patched before the work week starts.  Assuming they do indeed release it on Tuesday, your computers under Gravity Systems  maintenance will be automatically patched in 24-48 hours after they release it, depending on the time they release it.

In the meantime, the safest thing to do is to remove Java entirely.  You can accomplish this by simply going into “Add/Remove programs” in XP or “Programs and Features” in Win7.  If there is more than one version, please remove the extra versions as well. 

If you need Java for a business critical application, please restrict your web surfing to known trusted sites.  Also, please DO NOT visit Facebook or other social networking sites from a computer with Java enabled this week.  If you must go to one of these sites, please ensure that Java is uninstalled.  We expect these site to be a key vector for exploiting these security flaws.

If you have any problems uninstalling Java (it can get “stuck” and require manual intervention), please call in and let us know.  We will assist you in the removal.

The Gravity Sytems Team