Before, in the Gravity Systems Common IT Questions blog series, we reviewed the benefits and disadvantages of remote-only computer support.  In this post, we reply to a very common question.  Computers, like all business equipment, require regular maintenance and repair from time to time.  The big question is who will maintain and repair them.


Commonly Asked Question:

Why do I need an IT company? My computers run fine, and I am somewhat capable around a computer.

Gravity Systems Response:

Perhaps you don’t!  If you are the kind of person that likes tinkering and has the time each week to perform maintenance functions, you may only need an IT company on an emergency basis.  If, however, you are ready to have someone else be “the tech guy” in your office, you are ready for IT help.  It is very rare to see any customer “go back” to self-support, so there may be some other intangible factors in the decision as well.  Sometimes, it just “feels good” to know that someone is watching the network and that someone is not you!

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If you would like further information on any of these questions or others you have, please let us know. Gravity Systems will be happy to look into your network and computer systems and help you every way we can.

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