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In this edition of the Common IT Questions blog series, we discuss an enhanced function of the iPhone.  Smart phones have become an everyday fixture in the office these days.  Business owners will surely have more questions on how to best use their features to increase business productivity.

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Commonly Asked Question:

I have a document sent to my iPhone that I need to print. How can I use this function?

Gravity Systems Response:

You have to have an iPrint capable printer OR a converter device.  We have just tested and deployed the first iPrint converter device, and it works well!  It allows you to use your existing network printers as iPrint devices.  Otherwise, you will need to buy an iPrint compatible printer.  For home users, this is easy as most of the lower-end inkjet models have started to include this feature.  For businesses, it is best to use a converter to use your existing business printers.  It is likely that more and more of the new printers will support iPrint, so business owners five years from now may already have the capability built in.


If you would like further information on any of these questions or others you have, please let us know. Gravity Systems will be happy to look into your network and computer systems and help you every way we can.

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