At Gravity Systems, we support computer systems every day for many small businesses. There are a lot of common questions we are asked by business owners and office managers. We decided to include them in a blog series beginning with this one regarding Quickbooks.


Commonly Asked Question:

I have to transfer my QB to give to my accountant every time, how can I avoid this tedious task?

Gravity Systems Response:

The best two ways to handle this are to either host a Terminal Server for access, or to use our hosted GravityQuickbooks or GravityApp solutions. Either way, you connect to a server that runs a virtual desktop for your computer. You then use Quickbooks normally. The main caveat with hosting multi-user Quickbooks is that Third-Party apps have to be considered. If you are using Excel, for example, to export Quickbooks data, you will need to host Excel on the server as well. Please give us a call to discuss the various solutions.


If you would like further information on any of these questions or others you have, please let us know. Gravity Systems will be happy to look into your network and computer systems and help you every way we can.


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