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There are some distinct advantages to maintaining your own fleet of laptops in your organization, from software compatibility to security. But “maintaining” doesn't mean simply stashing them away in a cabinet; it means keeping them ready for action. Here are some important laptop maintenance reminders from our Austin IT business support team at Gravity Systems.

Check the power sources. Laptop batteries can lose their efficiency over time, so it never hurts to make sure that your fleet's batteries can still hold a decent charge. Check the power adaptors and connectors as well so you know your employees can get “shore power” when they need it.

Run those updates. When was the last time each laptop was used? Because that's the last time it received critical security patches and application updates. Take the time to update those programs before each usage. Don't forget to install VPN software on each unit for greater security on public wi-fi networks.

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Clear storage space. As employees or guests check out, use, and return your laptops, they undoubtedly leave more and more data on them. An overstuffed hard drive can start acting glitchy or simply run out of storage space – leaving the next user wondering which files can safely be discarded. Perform any necessary data pruning before the next equipment checkout.

Upgrade old parts. As the demands on computing speed and capacity keep increasing, your infrequently-used laptops may fall behind the times without your realizing it. This might mean that they can't perform well online or even receive the necessary software updates to keep them secure. Our Gravity Systems team can advise you on whether you need to replace components or even invest in new laptops.

Contact us for any assistance you may need in ensuring that your laptops are always ready for the road!

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