Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation 101

Do you lose sleep at night over the many security vulnerabilities that might or might not be placing your company at risk? If so, you could probably benefit from vulnerability assessment and remediation. Let’s look at what’s involved in assessing and correcting cybersecurity weaknesses.

A vulnerability assessment should encompass people, processes, and technologies. In addition to your internal team, you must also look for any vulnerabilities posed by your external resources, from your cloud backup provider to your various vendors. Do you and your vendor partners follow the necessary protocols for security compliance with key organizations such as HIPAA and GDPR? What kind of disaster recovery services does your cloud server provide? Does your in-house team know and obey your internal cybersecurity policies? Do you have such policies in place?


As for your technology vulnerabilities, strong firewalls and regular software patches are crucial – but user error can still create vulnerabilities. Any technology that connects to your IT system can serve as a vulnerable point, from your laptops and smartphones to the digital thermostats that keep your workplace comfortable.

Don’t adopt a “spray and pray” approach that gives any and all potential threats to your IT system equal weight. The sheer number of possible dangers will generate an endless, impossible to-do list. Instead, take the time to rank the threats you uncover in order of urgency, and address them accordingly.


Remediation can involve a variety of procedures, depending on the vulnerabilities plaguing your particular organization. You might need to switch to a different cloud backup service or replace other providers with iffy security practices. You might need to refine your internal cybersecurity policies and training practices, or add new security measures to specific parts of your network. Contact our Austin business technical support experts at Gravity Systems to schedule a professional evaluation of your system today!

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