Protect Your IT System from April Showers' Hidden Threats

April in Austin usually means storms. The winds of March give way to rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. At the same time, seasonal changes can bring disruptions to various aspects of your IT system performance. Don’t wait for a power spike or connectivity failure to bring your network (and by extension, your whole business) to a grinding halt. Take the following preemptive measures to help ensure optimal productivity.

Protect your power lines. A sudden surge in electrical voltage can fry your electronics all at once or at least disable them over time. Install surge protection to guard against this possibility. Ideally, you should ensure maximum protection against brownouts (destructive sags in voltage) by equipping all your equipment with a line conditioner.


Keep the power flowing. A device called an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can combine surge protection and lie conditioning functions with battery power that prevents your team from losing valuable data when the main power cuts out. You can invest in either a stand-by UPS that activates when triggered by power loss or an on-line UPS device that runs continuously.

Watch out for pests. Many kinds of pests grow active in the spring months – and some of them have sharp teeth. Rodents and other vermin can enter your facility and chew through electrical or data cable insulation. Make a point of scheduling seasonal pest inspections to catch and deal with these problems before they can interfere with your IT system function.


Add a second Internet connectivity method. Stormy, wet spring weather can cause rainwater damage to coax lines or even knock your Internet provider out of action temporarily. You can combat this issue by installing redundant Internet connectivity that keeps the data flowing even if one of the cables fails. Contact our Austin IT business support team to learn more!

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