Managed IT Services That Just Make Good Sense

Many business owners assume that their technological needs require hands-on, in-person care. While some jobs might indeed require such attention, many others can be handled even more efficiently through online managed IT services. Let’s look at three areas in which managed services make sense for your organization.

Data backup - You’ve hopefully set up an intelligent data backup routine that saves data onto different sources and in different locations. However, even the most robust backup routine won’t help you if your technicians don’t follow it to the letter. One skipped, incomplete, or corrupted backup can leave a gaping hole in your data history. When you hire an outsourced IT managed services provider to cover this essential task, you can rest assured that it’ll get done properly, no matter how busy or distracted your in-house team may get.

Software updates - Updates to operating systems and applications can help keep your workplace both secure and functional. Bugs in the current version of a critical program can torpedo your employee’s productivity – and you don’t even want to imagine what might happen if you let an important security issue go unpatched. Even so, these ongoing updates can eat up tons of your IT department’s time and energy. Why bother, when you can contract a managed services provider to handle them for you?

Remote troubleshooting - When employees struggle to make their technology do their bidding, you need to find out what’s going on and fix the problem ASAP. Sure, you could send technicians scurrying around the building or otherwise tie up all their time on troubleshooting everyday glitches. However, many of these problems can get figured out remotely by your outsourced managed services provider, leaving your techs free to worry about other things.


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