Have you noticed that the more heavily people rely on technology, the more they tend to gripe about said technology? Perhaps you’ve even done your own share of griping, especially as ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Internet connectivity has grown more critical than ever. A few years ago, for instance, you might have made relatively little use of videoconferencing programs, whereas today a stuttering Zoom connection can sabotage a critical meeting. Like it or not, you can no longer get by with so-so speeds. You need better solutions for both your wired and wireless connectivity – and your answer may lie in a combination of Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi6.

As the name implies, Gigabit Ethernet offers a maximum transfer speed of one gigabit (1,000 Mb) per second. This is a huge step up from “Fast Internet” 10/100 Mbps speeds adequate for businesses in less demanding times. If it sounds like overkill, bear in mind that the more people share your connection, the less of that bandwidth each person gets. Other factors such as outdated hardware can degrade performance further. If you really want to future-proof your connectivity, you might even want to invest in multi-gigabit Ethernet over a fiber optic line.

That solves your wired connectivity, so let’s look at boosting your wireless speeds. WiFi 6 offers a 40 percent boost in throughput over the previous generation, WiFi 5. It also permits routers to split the bandwidth over eight different streams all running at once, a tremendous benefit for multiple users. However, you’ll probably need to upgrade your routers and associated gear. Look for networking hardware that supports 802.11ax, the WiFi6 standard.


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