Tech Tips - Outlook 2011 for Mac Does Not Open Fix

The other day, a small business user on a Mac platform with Outlook as the email client was having trouble opening the application.  Upon launching Outlook 2011, the user was notified that the database is damaged or could not be accessed.  Similar to Outlook on a PC, the email profile can become corrupted and needs to be repaired.


Issue: Outlook 2011 for Mac does not open properly or is not functioning correctly.

System: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard; Outlook 2011

Error Code: “the database is damaged or could not be accessed”

Solution: Rebuild the identity database

  • Quit all applications

  • Find and backup current identity

    • In Finder>Home>Documents>Microsoft User Data, copy the Office 2011 Identities folder

    • Hold the Option key and start Outlook 2011, the Database Utility window will open

    • Select the correct database and choose Rebuild

    • After the rebuild completes, choose Done

    • Launch Outlook to test


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