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Do you worry that the bad guys may be snooping on your phone conversations or computer usage? Your concern could be well grounded. Today’s digital devices enable you and your employees to achieve new heights of productivity -- but they can also enable eavesdroppers to use your tech for their own purposes. Let’s take a look at some of these threats, and how Gravity Systems can help you protect your communication security.

Even the cheapest of today’s smartphones is a powerful multi-channel machine equipped with a microcomputer, microphone, and camera. This combination is necessary if you want to make use of modern miracles such as Siri, Google Assistant and other automated digital “helpers.” But some of the most helpful and versatile apps must have access to your phone’s audio, video, or account data before they can work their magic. This is a potential problem, because not all such apps are interested solely in doing their stated jobs. Some apps have been known to carry Trojan-like malware programs that can actually track your location, grab pictures or texts, and turn on your phone’s microphone to record your conversations.

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Smartphones are the only devices that can fall prey to digital snooping. Keylogging programs are a popular type of spyware that can track the keystrokes made by your or your employees. When you consider how much sensitive data can be intercepted that way, you have every right to be concerned.

If you want to enjoy full use of your business technology without necessarily extending that same ability to eavesdroppers, ask our Austin IT tech support team for help. We can check your computers and smartphones for malware, remove suspicious apps, beef up your security safeguards, and educate your workplace on smarter device usage practices. Let Gravity Systems help you keep your private data exchanges private!

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