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The phrase "mad as a March hare" is an appropriate one for this time of year. The month of March has often been associated with chaotic activity, from Caesar's assassination on the Ides of March to the winds that buffet Central Texas every year. Of course, the Austin area also gets knocked around by a number of other hectic situations, from SXSW to the annual Spring Break outflow of students. Is your business – and specifically your IT system – ready to cope with this hustle and bustle? Our Austin managed services team at Gravity Systems can ensure that it is.

SXSW throws some peculiar curves to area business, especially those who wish to promote themselves or network with other businesses on the exposition floor. You may need to run some fairly elaborate technology at your panel or booth – technology which needs to be manned by some of your technical personnel, leaving you short on IT support at your workplace. If you plan on doing a lot of mixing and mingling, your team may also be making use of your company's mobile devices. You'll want to make sure that these devices are password-locked, patched, and otherwise optimized before they enter the field.

Has your business been relying on UT students, either as interns or as actual IT employees? If so, you may already be receiving requests for time off during the week of March 18th through the 23rd, right after SXSW has packed up – a double-whammy for your IT department.


What's the answer? We are! Gravity Systems can prepare your IT system components for any additional workload during SXSW while also enhancing your staff with our own experts. Contact us today so we can discuss your upcoming needs and help March “go out like a lamb” for your business.

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