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Central Texas never gets cold – until it does. If you've been doing business here for any length of time, you know that we get the occasional wintery days around this time of year. Sometimes that winter weather includes ice and other issues that can cut the power to large swaths of the city, possibly including your organization's IT center. So it's never a bad idea to think about your backup plan for those cold weather outages before they ever appear. Here are some thoughts on the subject from your Austin business IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

First of all, you need to be ready for a neighborhood-wide outage due to fallen power lines or other winter hazards. These outages can strike suddenly, leaving your office dark and your computers dead. A sudden power loss can cause serious damage to hard disks and other components. Have UPS units attached to your workstations and servers so they'll keep running long enough for you to shut them down safely.

What about the wiring in your walls? During colder months, vermin commonly look for entry into the warm, insulated spaces of a facility's walls. They'll chew through just about anything to get there – including your electrical wiring. An inspection from your pest control specialist now could prevent an IT power outage later.

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What would you do if a power failure or other winter catastrophe made your facility temporarily uninhabitable? If you're running your network off of Gravity Systems' remote servers, your employees can keep on working from the comfort of their homes until power to your building has been restored.

If the weather turns nasty on you this winter, you'll be glad you have Gravity Systems in your corner. Contact us for winter-proofing tips, troubleshooting, repairs and more!

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