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A workplace without wires sounds like a wonderful place. No more cables bundled into incomprehensible tangles or jammed into awkward spaces; no more watching your step or worrying about cable/connector failures. But a wireless workplace also presents its own set of challenges. Our Austin IT managed services team wants you to be aware of the following points about wireless networking:

Your building structure can affect your wireless setup and performance. You can't expect to place your wireless APs (access points) just anywhere and get perfect performance. Greater distances between devices means slower speeds, while walls, floors, ceilings, or other components can block the signal to a particular AP. You may have to experiment with positioning or boost the signals with a wireless router.

If you need high speed, a wireless network may not be enough. Today's wireless networks can perform reasonably-sized data transfers at acceptable speeds, but they're not optimal for really demanding loads. If some part of your business involves transfer of massive data files and/or streaming video, you may want to supplement your wireless network with a hardwired setup – or just stick with a completely hardwired network.

Security can be an issue. While hardwired networks can certainly be hacked into, their wireless cousins are inherently less secure. You'll want to make sure you've invested in high-quality firewalls and up-to-date security/privacy software.

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Wireless networks aren't necessarily easier to set up than wired networks. While the lack of confusing wiring can make a wireless network look like a simple solution, proper installation and setup can prove complex and confusing in its own way, especially if you're only familiar with wired networks.

The smartest way to determine whether wireless is the way to go is by contacting Gravity Systems. We can discuss your needs, recommend the right setup, and install/maintain your new network!

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